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Monday, May 20, 2013

New developments

We want to let everyone know, we are safe, as well as my sister's family and her in-laws (Carl & Sharon). Our hearts are certainly heavy with the news in Oklahoma today. We now understand  firsthand what it is like to walk through something unexpected knowing your life will never be the same. As we watched the coverage of the destruction and saw the devastated looks on the survivors' faces it brought tears to our eyes. All we knew to do was pray for those precious families the same way you have been lifting us up. We have included some photos below of the destruction very near Carl and Sharon's home.

Before Oklahoma became a hotbed of national attention, we had some encouraging developments in my treatment plan and I can gratefully report several folks from MD Anderson are providing help and direction. I am so thankful for those who have advocated on my behalf at MDA and for all of you, my faithful prayer warriors. Dr. Benjamin communicated with my OKC oncologist. My diagnosis was confirmed and my treatment plan set in place (a significant change from the previous post). From what I understand, I will begin treatment before I see Dr. Benjamin again.
-- Dr. Benjamin recommends radiosurgery (a targeted radiation treatment) on my C7 vertebrae first. I can do this treatment in OKC or in Houston, it is my decision. From what I understand, treatment could last one to two weeks with one treatment per day.
--Following radiation recovery (2-4 weeks), I will be doing a less intense, outpatient chemotherapy in OKC. Although details are vague, I think each round is three weeks. If I tolerate it well and it is effective, Dr. Benjamin's PA said I may undergo six rounds (eighteen weeks).
-- There wasn't much discussion beyond that but I assume the next step will be surgery to remove the primary tumor in my right forearm.
-- I am sure there will be more steps, possibly treatment, but I pray a thanksgiving celebration will be the final step because I will be clean. You will all be invited and we will p-a-r-t-a-y, giving all glory to God!
Please lift up the following:
-- Survivors of the devastation in Newcastle & Moore as well as ongoing recovery & rebuilding efforts.
-- Wisdom in making a quick decision about whether to do my radiosurgery in OKC or Houston.
-- The treatment plan set forth will be effective in eradicating my cancer.
-- My body would be able to tolerate each treatment successfully, and I would have God-sized strength, endurance and trust in Him during the treatments.
-- For healthy weight & muscle gain in the downtime. My back continues to ache. I start to worry why. Pray it subsides.
-- For the cancer to shrink and not spread in the waiting.


  1. Kelsey. Amanda H told me the other night about 'the 'C' word' - on a side noted you cracked me up calling it that - so very Lebanese of you as they avoid this topic at all costs :) My heart was heavy when I heard the news Kelsey. We love you guys and are interceding on your behalves. I caught up on the blog and was just blown away by God's faithfulness along this journey thus far - so many little prayers answered, appointments orchestrated, things expedited that clearly seem to be from the Lord. He's in your corner! I love that you said at one point 'the gloves are on.' You go girl - kick this cancer's a**!! And when you're too tired to lift up your arms and throw a punch, we (the collective 'we' who are all lifting you up) will be there in your corner throwing those punches for you, helping you to hold those arms up and keep on fighting. Praying that on the dark days, or better yet, in the dark moments as I'm sure there are those every day, that you will know Him as the lifter of your head. That you'll let him reach down and ever so gently pick up your downcast soul. I love you sister. I'm tremendously burdened for you. I'm thankful that you have such an excellent support system around you. I am praying for you daily.

  2. Praising God that you have answers and a plan! We will continue to pray for you and hope to see you soon! Joanna

  3. Dearest Kelsey: So glad you have heard from MD Anderson and that you have a treatment plan in place. Will continue to lift you in prayers as we will for all the folks affected by the tornado yesterday. Our son and his wife still live in the OKC area but they are ok. They live in Yukon but Nathan works in Norman. May God continue to fill you with peace and courage as you follow your treatment plan. Sharl Taylor (Eric's Mom)

  4. Oh friend! I am so thrilled to hear this!! What an answer to prayer!

  5. Kels, Been reading Mother your blog to keep her in the loop. I had a bit of difficulty reading your Mother's day blog for the lump in my throat.
    Glad news that there is now a plan of action for your treatment and more importantly that you and yours are safe! We will keep on praying. Thanks for your personalization for those requests. Love you Lots!
    Cludi or am I Jiff?

  6. So thrilled you have a plan! Melinda

  7. thankful for a plan! praying for you!

  8. Johnny and Leda McNabb continue to pray for you and your family.
    Love and Prayers to all.

  9. Kelsey and Christopher, the Guske clan continues to lift you up. We so appreciate your updates and specific things we can pray for. We are thankful to hear that a treatment plan is in place and you are moving forward!!

  10. Praise God, so thankful to hear this news! We love you!!!

  11. Praying hard! So glad you finally have some plan of ACTION! That is a comfort to know the battle will begin. We will fight hard with you. Love you all so very much. ArVel

  12. Praying for you Kels! Love you!

  13. I live in Blanco and Janie asked that I pray....which I have and will sweet angel. My ago h has walked me through battles w/ my Mother and myself...all at Anderson. I only wish I had fought harder to get there sooner w/ my husband....MDA is the Best but frustating!!!!!! I will keep you on my daily rosary and prayer list. The Ultimate Healer has your Dr's in His hands....and with your prayer warriors storming the will indeed have a BLESSED THANKSGIVING. Get WISHES FULFILLED....DR WAYNE DWYER....a very spiritual journey of his recovery. I have the same cancer he does....and this book I listen to once a week.......feel millions of Heart Hugs from the Texas Hill Country!

  14. Oops! Blonde on the ipad....I meant...."God has walked me through....." battles with....

    God's Healing Abundance