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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Today's news

This is Chris again - I know that several people have been asking about how everything went today, sorry this is slightly slow, Kelsey had an MRI this afternoon so we just got back home.

The appointment went well - things look good on the PET scan, there were two areas of slight concern, the two lymph nodes up her arm and two vertebrae - one up by her neck and the other in her lower back. Dr. Smith was honestly not too concerned about them, but we will do a bone scan & CT scan to check on her back (potentially a core needle biopsy if that bone scan raises concern) and a sentinel lymph node biopsy to see if the cancer has moved to her lymph nodes in her arm. If it has spread, they will remove lymph nodes in arm. Dr. Smith has dealt with this specific type of cancer three times before, so that was also encouraging.

Kelsey had the MRI to get a better picture on her arm, to know if the tumor would be able to be fully removed while still maintaining arm functionality. If too much functionality would be lost or there is concern about the cancer being fully removed, amputation would likely be the route we would go. Regardless, chemotherapy will be involved definitely after removal of the tumor, maybe before (won't know the span or type of chemotherapy until the MRI results are back). Next Wednesday, Dr. Smith will be discussing the best plan of action with the tumor board that she meets with. Praise the Lord that our prayers were answered in regard to cancer spreading - keep praying that these other concern areas are false positives (we would of course be thrilled with complete healing as well). We praise the Ultimate Healer for hearing our petitions.


  1. THanks for the update Chris. We are praying alongside you all!

  2. We are praying over here and are recruiting as many people as we can to pray too...Love you guys!