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Thursday, April 18, 2013

PET scan tomorrow

Although most of you will be reading this after the fact, we wanted to let you know I will be going in for my PET scan tomorrow morning at 7:45. It was really encouraging how it all unfolded. Due to the nature of insurance and the lab wanting to ensure they would get paid, it has been a waiting game to get an appointment scheduled. I called the lab this morning to see if there was anything else I could do to expedite the process. The gal at the lab said no, all of the paperwork had been sent off and we had to wait for approval (normally 24-48 hours). She anticipated my scan would be Monday or Tuesday at the earliest. I was concerned because I wanted the results before we met with my doc on Tuesday. So, I hung up and started to pray that God would take care of it and I would trust Him with the results. I hadn't been praying long when the gal from the lab called me back and said the insurance company had contacted her during our conversation and I was approved. I actually started crying at the realization the Lord had answered my prayer so quickly. I felt like He was tenderly reminding me, "I'm in control, Kelsey. I do love you." I actually caught the gal off guard and she asked me if I were okay. I said yes and simply added, "The Lord just answered my prayer and I'm thankful."

If you haven't had a PET scan before (and I assume you haven't), here is the lowdown:
- I had to eat a low-carb, high-protein diet and drink lots of water today.
- I will go in tomorrow and be injected with a radioactive dye and wait for an hour. (I have to be isolated during this hour because I guess ... I'm radioactive.)
- After the hour, I will have the PET scan. It should last 45 minutes.
- I will be done at that point, however they cautioned me to wait for 2-3 hours before coming in contact with small children or elderly people. No worries, Alexa is staying with her cousins and I will be extra careful around dad (his hazmat suit is hanging up and ready to go).
** I did ask the gal what effect this would actually have on me. She said she isn't aware of any side effects, but I will be on the lookout for more freckles.

I doubt we will know the results of the test until the appointment on Tuesday. Our greatest prayer request continues to be that the tumor is isolated to my right forearm.

I received this quotation today and it reminded me how I should continually process this situation I never anticipated, "I need to interpret my circumstances through God's love for me, rather than interpreting God's love for me through my circumstances."


  1. Kelsey ~ I set my alarm to go off about the time you'll be getting your "dye job" so that I can pray for you. And I set a second alarm for the time when you should be getting the scan. I know God can match my prayers up with the actual need (even if the timing isn't quite right), but I want to join in prayer DURING the PET scan process....AND BEYOND! Praying for God-given peace & courage for you, an accurate scan, & no more unwanted surprises! "Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in you." (Psalm 56:3) Much love to you, Kelsey!!!

  2. You sneaky sneaker! Posting while I'm asleep! What a powerfully encouraging answer to prayer. I know that God can do all things and pray that he will continue to use your life to prove His Power! (And if you get any more freckles you are going the have the most awesome tan ever! I'll add it to my prayer list :) )

  3. Kelsey,
    First of all I want you to know that you and you family are in my prayers. While I worked as a dietitian in Amarillo I would always recommend boost plus to my patients because it had high amounts of protein as wells as the nutrients needed to stay strong. If you have any questions as far as nutrition is concerned please ask.

    Brandy Toombs

  4. Praying for you everyday Kelsey. Love the way God is so near to you and praying that you will continue to sense His presence. We love you and Chris and beautiful Alexa. Karen for all the Wendels