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Friday, April 12, 2013

Not the news we wanted ...

This is a guest post from Chris (so, you know right off the bat that it won't be as well written as an entry from Kelsey).  We went in to Mercy Hospital this morning for Kelsey's biopsy.  The surgery went well - Kelsey is recovering, but is in a good deal of pain.  The news we got today was not what we wanted to hear.  Dr. Smith was very surprised to find that the mass in Kelsey's arm is malignant.  We don't know much more than that at this point in time.  Kelsey will have a PET scan next week.  We should have the biopsy results later next week, which Dr. Smith wanted to see before we develop a course of action.

I know I personally have been so encouraged to know that so many people (literally all around the world) are praying for us as we walk through this new chapter in life.  It is interesting to walk into this sort of situation when you know in your heart that God is in control, but at the same time wonder what He is doing.  My mom reminded me of something that I have said before which certainly rings true in this situation, "Why pray if we can't accept God's no as His answer."  We continue to pray for Kelsey's healing and that the cancer has been confined to her arm and has not spread elsewhere, but we trust that His will is being done in this situation.  We are also praying for fast healing from the biopsy and that the pain will reduce in the coming days.  Kelsey's folks are here with us at this point in time, which has been a big encouragement.  Either Kelsey or I will be continuing to post to let everyone know of updates in the days ahead.  This song really stuck out to me as I have been thinking through what lies ahead.


  1. Kelsey and Chris, oh my goodness. I had no idea all this was going on. I lost the link to your blog and just got caught up. Please know we are praying fervently for you both. Thank you for letting us know how to specifically pray. Love reading how you always bring glory to God despite your circumstances.

  2. Many prayers coming your way! The unknown and the waiting is the scariest part but God is already there! Will be following your journey and praying for you all - including the doctors and wisdom for how to proceed from here.

  3. What an amazing song and so much truth in His Word. Through all of life, Kelsey and Chris, every christian wants to be the one God uses to pray and bless the family or person in need. In turn, you have blessed us/me with your strong foundation of leaning on Jesus and your trust in Him. I believe God has BIG plans for the two of you. I stand on the word that the enemy has no place in this and God has control of it all. Praying for you, but know you are blessing others.