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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Great Outdoors

I debated on publishing this post. I think even Ansel Adams would agree it is difficult to capture the grandeur & majesty of the mountains. It is, without a doubt, most inspiring in person. And that’s what we love to do at Gram K’s – discover God’s beauty firsthand (out of breath & a bit lightheaded). However, the unbelievable vistas are always worth the trek. We hope you enjoy the views . . . we sure did!! Just looking at these pics makes me want to strap on hiking boots and go back. 

IMG_3332San Juan Mountains blanketed by clouds & sunshine.

Kelsey's bringing her A-game, too
IMG_3060 Even Alexa wanted to go for a little hike with Daddy. The reward was a playground at the end of the road with horses to pet along the way. 

IMG_3194Not too far from the meadow where Chris proposed almost seven years ago.

IMG_3252 The “mighty warrior” pose by John.

IMG_1840 Fish Creek Reservoir last year . . .

IMG_3298 The same view of Fish Creek Reservoir this year. We are unsure why it was so dry.

IMG_3264The bottom of Fish Creek Reservoir. Reminds me of the way my skin feels in CO.

IMG_3350 Gram K’s house – She really lives over the river & through the woods (at 9,000 ft).

IMG_3438 An unbelievable rainbow Chris captured on a solo hike – so sad I missed it!


High Park Lake – Chris is in the bottom right. It was gorgeous & the fish were large!


IMG_3792 Chris took a four wheeler up to a summit we didn’t have time to get to on foot. He did, however, have to climb up the shale in the pic above. The view was definitely worth it. Luckily, he missed the rain below.

IMG_3461It isn’t a trip to CO without a few wildlife sightings. This deer enjoyed breakfast on Gram K’s lawn several mornings.

IMG_3385This lil’ brown bear visited the log home at least three times (at night) – even scratching at window sills. He was tearing bark apart from this tree just outside her home one afternoon.

Family! (promise there are mountains in the background)Not everyone enjoyed extended hikes during the day but we did walk to the canal every morning. It was a special time for us all. Here’s the crew (minus Gram K) bright-eyed with morning breath.

Here’s to cooler days to come and a very blessed time in Colorado!!

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