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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Potty Training – The Final Frontier?

This may look like another ordinary plastic container of little girl panties but these panties represent so much more – independence, freedom, a clean bottom, financial savings, the end to a changing table & the sole reason I may need to institutionalize myself very soon!! I didn’t realize how much a little pink panty could bring about such discouragement & elation within moments of each other.
It’s marked on the calendar with as much enthusiasm as the day we recorded Alexa’s first steps – Wednesday, July 11, 2012 – "Started potty training.” Ummmm, the enthusiasm quickly evaporated after the 15th accident the first day and the realization I’d be scheduling a carpet cleaning when all of this was said and done. Oh yes, did I mention I was trying a three-day “easy potty training” by Lora Jensen who encourages you to throw away diapers and never use pull-ups or training pants in the potty training process? This isn’t for wimps and Jensen clearly states that. She basically says it will stink for three days (for us, perhaps a bit longer). This is panties only . . . no turning back. In my estimation, the only thing “easy” about it was the daily dress code – tank top & panties.

One week and 39 panties later, I felt like we had taken huge strides in the potty training realm. Alexa “got it” very early in the process but due to her strong will, she called the shots when she would actually go in the potty. We are confident of this - the girl has an iron bladder. She’s not a people-pleaser and incentives don’t seem to impress her that much. Regardless, Alexa could pee successfully in her “little” big girl potty when we asked her to. By asking Alexa to go - we are learning - is still only a suggestion but she seems to comply most of the time. Unfortunately, she still refuses to pee pee in the big potty or in public.

IMG_0875Evidence of the first pee pee in the potty. This was my artistic rendering of a toilet sticker chart with treat incentives. It filled up faster than I anticipated. I never dreamed I would text multiple friends & family to let them know about pee pee!!

Three and a half weeks in, we have yet to celebrate a BM in the potty. With our strong-willed little two-year-old, I am fully convinced she will be fine pooping in her panties until she is four . . . we’re praying that isn’t the case. If it is, you can visit Mommy at the closest mental institution. I never thought I’d grow so weary trying to potty train our little whippersnapper. Let’s be honest, she didn’t have a BM for 10 days in April – the girl is hard-headed and does things in her time in her way, even if it means she’ll be miserable. Having Daddy gone a week and throwing in a vacation to CO probably didn’t help matters, but I think we’re sticking to our guns and riding this one out. Given we may need tons of prayer with an equal amount of Shout stain lifter and Miralax, we know our little girl can do it (and we keep telling her that often) – she just has to decide she can do it too. It’s up to her & she understands that.

IMG_3829Alexa loved her princess potty Ama & Opa provided during our stay in CO. It sang and said “Yay!” when she went to the potty. I’m pretty sure she was disappointed with her potty back at home when we returned. Our little potty is bells & whistle-less.

IMG_0939Ahhhh – potty love!!

IMG_3831In lieu of a sticker chart in CO, Ama decided putting stickers directly onto the potty would work. Alexa agreed and enjoyed covering the little bumps on the lid. I think Lil’ A had acquired 21 stickers when we left. 

IMG_0960Partly out of desperation & partly because it is what she talks about the most, we have promised Alexa another trip to Great Wolf Lodge if she fills her sticker chart for going #2 in the potty. One day after creating the chart, it remains sticker-less. We are hopeful that the Miralax will encourage 20 miracles.

Potty training may not be the final frontier but it sure seems like it when you’re in the thick of it. I know I’ll look back on this and laugh at the angst and drama. Goodness, I can’t imagine what I’ll be blogging about when we finally wean Alexa from the paci!
We’ll keep you updated . . .

1 comment:

  1. Hang in there, friend! It is not easy! Even after M was completely potty trained, she went through a month long period of wetting her pants every single time she got mad at me...I prayed for a strong girl, but it definitely has it's challenging sides! This too shall pass!