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Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday pick-me-up


Even Alexa is jumping for joy! Keep your eyes peeled for our redesigned blog. It’s currently in the works, and we can’t wait to show you our new look. In the meantime, enjoy a refreshing dip (um, I mean) toss in the pool!

I suppose this is a literal pick-me-up – at least for Alexa. I posted this image on Facebook a few weeks ago and joked If pool tossing were an Olympic sport, we’d have two medal contenders.

Alexa’s unsure of using a public potty but she’s fearless when it comes to heights.

The swim party (above) was part of Abram Malone’s 1st birthday celebration. His mommy & daddy, Jon & Laura, are dear friends of ours who recently moved to Washington D.C. We were honored to share in his big day. I really enjoyed photographing his precious blue eyes. I call him the Gerber baby.

Much to our chagrin, Alexa loves animals. Not that we hate animals, I just don’t want to own one & I’m afraid she will. On the way back from swimming, she befriended this unusually calm cat. The cat seemed indifferent to her new admirer.

She proceeded to kick back and tell the kitty a big story. The kitty hung around until Alexa started playing with her tail. A major “no no” in the feline world.
Here’s to pool tosses, 1st birthdays & (almost completed) redesigned blogs!

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