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Friday, August 24, 2012

Potty Training – an addendum

As you know we have been in the midst of potty training Alexa for over a month now. There have definitely been highs and lows in this process. Many of you have asked how this process is going and I thought I’d give you an update.

Alexa is a rockstar when it comes to pee pee. She knows when she needs to go and even wakes us at night to go in the potty. We are so thankful for how quickly she “got it.” However, she still insists on peeing in the little potty. The girl, much like her mama, hates change. She likes her little potty and doesn’t want to try anything else . . . I get it and respect that as the “reluctance to change” gene came from me. I have simply resigned myself to the fact I may be toting around a miniature potty in the Outback until she’s four – we’ll see.

Now to #2. We finally decided around a month or so into this process that Alexa needed to wear a diaper when it came to poop. (It’s fairly evident when “it’s time” as she does the poopy pants dance and becomes very grumpy and clingy). We decided on the diaper because it definitely wasn’t worth the frustration of constantly cleaning poopy panties and the battle that ensued trying to convince her there was a better way. Plus, we had lots of size 4 diapers waiting to be used.

The “Great Wolf Lodge” sticker chart is still empty. We are still giving her Miralax on a daily basis to encourage BMs and she can tell you at any point and time, “I get to go to Great Wolf Lodge when I poop in the big girl potty!” She knows this and she refuses . . . and that’s okay.

In light of this, I wanted to share this apropos newspaper article about the angst of potty training (at least with a strong-willed child). I think many of you will be able to relate to the article. Thanks for sharing this with me Mom & Dad. It made me smile.


HOUSTON – When it comes to toilet training, your toddler is the boss. “You may be the parent but the child has complete control over this process.” said Dr. Teri Turner, Assistant professor of pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine. “Toilet training fails when parents forget who’s in charge.”

Toddlers learn the responsibility of using the toilet when the time is right for them. A child doesn’t magically become ready at age 2, Turner said.

Incentives can be helpful in motivating a child to become responsible, but frequent reminders often have the opposite effect.

”The most common reason for resisting toilet training is that the child has been lectured or reminded too much,” she said. “To the child, the reminders are pressure.”

Parents can begin toilet training when the child is able to stay dry for several hours and can communicate the need to use the toilet. The child will be looking for independence and will want to please.


  1. Here is a suggestion that helped us when potty training Caleigh. When we would go in a public bathroom that had toilets that automatically flushed she would literally scream for like 20 minutes because it scared her so much. We discovered that if we got a packing label and stuck it over the sensor on the flusher it wouldn't flush until we had her off the potty and we took the sticker off. Saved us lots of grief!!!

  2. Thanks Leigh Ann! I never thought of doing that . . . and yes, Alexa is frightened by the "cameras." Using a public potty will be a BIG deal when it finally happens.

  3. I never thought of it either! Casey took Caleigh to the bathroom at walmart one day and he happened to have a nametag on from a retreat he had been to. She started panicking and he just grabbed it and covered it up! Needless to say, our next stop was office supplies to buy a package of the stickers!!!