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Monday, August 27, 2012

Check out our new look!

blog photo

Don’t be alarmed . . . it’s still the Kennedy crew (freckles, laugh lines & all). We just got a little facelift. This kind, of course, is much cheaper and doesn’t require ice packs. We truly hope you enjoy our new digs!

We discussed redesigning the blog last December but Chris (my IT expert) couldn’t tackle such an undertaking in the midst of a full-time job & grad school. And let’s be honest, I can only offer art direction. I’m clueless about html. I just share my vision and he makes it happen. He said, “After summer school, Kels.” I smiled. I could totally wait seven months for a new look. Well, eight months later and with just one week before Chris’ fall semester started, we got serious about making the new blog a reality. There are a few more features we (by that, I mean Chris) hope to add in the future. No deadlines though . . . we’ll just bask in the newness for now.


  1. love it! super impressed with Chris' html skills on getting the rotating pic header!

  2. Thanks friend. Chris is crazy talented at stuff like this. I'm so grateful! He actually came up with the rotating header from a blog I enjoy called

  3. Isn't it great to be married to a geek!? Love the new look!