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Monday, February 13, 2012

Woah Nelly. . . Alexa’s Almost Two!

Could it be possible? Is it really true? In just four weeks, Alexa Hope will be celebrating the big #2!! I feel like I was just making invitations for her first birthday and here we are planning another shindig. But before we celebrate that milestone, there have been several moments this month worth sharing (at least digitally recording for Mommy’s sake so she has some reference when she actually makes that scrapbook). And, you know I’ll throw in a bunch of random pics for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy one more month of our little one-year-old.

Here . . . kitty, kitty! This winter has been unseasonably warm. Which meant many trips to the park. On two separate occasions, there were kittens visiting the park. Alexa desperately wanted to play with this particular kitty. Although you can’t see the kitty, Alexa is trying to convince the kitty she won’t grab its tail.


-- Alexa said her first prayer this month and now enjoys praying whenever we do. She’ll say, “Alexa pray.” She closes her eyes, folds her hands together and prays with intense concentration. She tends to whisper her prayer that goes something like this, “Thank you God. Thank you family. Thank you friends. Thank you Jesus. Amen.” When she shouts “Amen” she throws hands up in the air. Then, she wants Mommy and Daddy to pray. Precious!

-- Alexa has also figured out our real names. She often calls Daddy, “Chris.” Hmmmm . . . Mommy’s got to get better at calling him “Daddy.” Then, the other day, she called me “Kels.” I think she said, “I need fresh milk, Kels.” We both cracked up because I don’t really think she knew what she was saying.
-- Alexa enjoys abbreviating words these days. Crackers have become “cracks.” Her pacifier is a “pass.” And if she asks for a “blank” it’s her blanket. Don’t ask me why. I believe it’s evidence of living in a world of “texts.” She’s already figuring out how to communicate in code. However, at night, we let her drink milk and/or water while reading her Bible story. She calls that combo her “milk-water-milk.” Oh, to jump inside her head for just one moment.

-- She loves to follow me around asking, “Mommy, what are you doing?” I think this is in response to a moment when I asked her the same question and then followed it with my own answer, “I believe you’re making a mess.” Now, when I ask Alexa what she’s doing (if it is something we’ll have to pick up later), she’ll say, “I making a mess!” She’ll also tell me, “Mommy’s making a mess.” (This sentiment normally happens when I’m cooking in the kitchen).

-- When she wants any of her cups filled up, she asks us to “pull up” the drink. She says Daddy’s prickly facial hair feels “sparkly.” Other cute words include: “kolala” (koala), “lellow” (yellow), “muscles” (pretzels), “barnimals” (barnyard animals) and when we sing the song “The B-I-B-L-E” – she says, “Yes, that’s the book by be” instead of “Yes, that’s the book for me.”

-- We memorize at least one scripture and one hymn a month. In January, Alexa learned the hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy.” I didn’t know how much she was getting until one morning, I heard her sing the entire first verse in her crib (I was listening through the monitor). It melted my heart. There is nothing sweeter than hearing your child sing, “Early in the morning my song shall rise to Thee.” Hearing her voice made me smile and I think it pleased our Heavenly Father too.

-- In the midst of twirling a wooden fishing pole, I told Alexa to be careful. I didn’t want her to hurt herself. The end of the fishing pole ended up hitting her arm. I asked her if she was okay and she said very sadly, “I hit (a little pause) me.” “I hit me” has become a common phrase these days- often after she throws a temper tantrum.

-- Alexa enjoys saying her full name – Alexa Hope (with a resounding “puh” sound at the end of Hope) Kennedy.

-- Alexa LOVES purses. She will throw one on her shoulder, say “OK, see ya later, bye!” and head to the door. She’ll open it, pretend to be gone, and walk back in shouting, “I’m back.” And she loves to pretend talk on the phone – especially to Pop.

-- She associates colors with family member’s favorites colors, so green is Mommy’s color. Blue is Daddy’s color. Red is Mimi’s color, etc . . . although she knows her colors, she typically calls them by the person’s favorite color.

-- Alexa asks to hear the song, “I are worthy” everyday. I posted the song on February 6th and the actual title is “You are worthy.” Don’t worry – we’re working on her theology. I’m just glad she enjoys listening to it (and dancing a bit too).

-- When we get home from running errands, Alexa likes to “drive the car.” I let her sit in the driver’s seat while I unload groceries. The blinker and wipers are usually on when I get back in. She totally frightened herself when she accidentally honked the horn. It was a classic moment. 

It doesn’t get more precious than Alexa reading the Bible with her Daddy. I love the Chiquita banana sticker on Chris’ shirt too.

Mommy & Alexa sporting our red ensembles for church yesterday. Cheese!

Rockin’ the boat. Alexa decided her book basket would make a much better boat until it threw her overboard.

We had some guests stay with us last week. Alexa enjoyed pretending she was a big girl sleeping on the guest bed. She insisted on sleeping on a pillow with her paci and her blankie. Of course, she was only still for a moment but she loved the routine of “going to bed.”

Driving the “fire truck” is Alexa’s favorite feature at this particular park. She looks like she’s been driving an eighteen wheeler all her life.

She even shared the “wheels” with these two precious girls. I told her it was also important to learn how to shift.

It’s no wonder Alexa loves her crib. There’s a party inside. These are the current staples for a good night’s rest: four pacifiers, a baby doll, two puppy dogs, three teddy bears, a giraffe, an owl, and of course, Alexa’s “blank.” And trust me, she knows if one of them is missing.

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  1. I can't believe she is almost 2!! It does amaze me how quickly time passes! I love the idea of memorizing a verse and hymn each month. We definitely need to do that when Elliott is able to talk more. I wish we could get the girls together for a play date!