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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rescued–The Heart of Adoption

Adoption isn’t charity, it’s war.
We had a great . . . let me rephrase . . .we had an awesome weekend with some very incredible family friends this weekend. Meet the Wintons (minus one beautiful wife/mommy and two adopted daughters). Randy Winton was Chris’ former youth pastor from CA but he and his family made a life altering decision to “live life together” and tour the country in a motor home playing Gospel bluegrass. Brave, isn’t it!? But not if you are in the center of God’s will . . . and they were. They are incredibly talented musicians – incredibly!! They have recorded two albums and they would love to share their testimony in song with you. Check them out at

In the midst of touring, the Lord gave the Wintons a vision for film making. The Lord led them to direct and produce a documentary concerning the church’s role in adoption and the care of orphans. (They have firsthand experience as they are an adoptive family). The end result was a movie titled Rescued – The Heart of Adoption and Caring for Orphans. It is straightforward. It is powerful. It is convicting.

The movie is based on the truth from James 1:27, “Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.”  They claim if the church is to practice “true religion” and say we are pro-life and pro-family, we must be willing to obey the Biblical command to look after orphans. For some, that means adopting a child or a home full of children. For some, it means giving financially and serving adoptive families. For all, it means advocating for life, praying for the souls of these children (in the womb and out) and being willing to do whatever is necessary to bring these children to Christ . . . even if it means allowing a single mom who chose life to live with you. The end goal being the spread of the Gospel..

Posing with the Wintons - Cody (19 yrs old), Randy & Jesse (17 yrs old).

The Wintons visited Norman this weekend to perform a bluegrass concert as well as provide a showing of the movie, Rescued. I say all of that to say this, check out this movie! Just click on the image above and view the trailer. We have the movie and our church library has a copy. If you live in another state, you can order the movie or we can mail you ours. The Wintons’ heart is for this movie to get into every evangelical church in the US, for believers to begin living out James 1:27, and for souls to be saved. 

For more info on Rescued . . .
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  1. Thanks for sharing Kelsey! That looks like a really interesting video. I wonder if our church has a copy.