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Friday, February 10, 2012

Three Little Miracles

We know the Lord is faithful. In His Word, He promises us He is and always will be. However, this week He took the opportunity to reveal His “blow my socks off” goodness and faithfulness. There were moments this week I had to stop right in the middle of “life” to thank Him for showing me so tangibly He’s at work and His plans are perfect. His plans are good and I’m so grateful to see His mighty hand manifested in my friends’ lives. 

The three little miracles happen to be three precious babies – all arriving within 24 hours of one another. We want to welcome Ruth Ann Chase, Baby J and David Elliot Taylor. Here’s why each one is so special . . .

Ruth Ann (Ruthie) – Born Tuesday, Feb. 7th. She’s our newest niece (born to John and Kelly Chase) - that makes her incredibly special to us. She’s a cutie! Alexa grinned from ear to ear at the first glimpse of her newest cousin. She wanted to rock the iPhone and sing “Rock-a-bye Ruthie” to her sweet picture . . . so we did. I can’t wait to see the two girls playing with dolls and wearing pink together. Although Kelly’s pregnancy was pretty much flawless, she experienced high blood toward the end of the pregnancy. The docs knew just when to induce Kelly and deliver precious Ruthie. Kelly and baby are doing well and heading home today. Thank you Lord for your provision, for the doc’s wisdom and your protection over two very special gals!

Baby J – I can’t say much about this handsome lil’ man because it’s an adoption. But he was also born this week to two unbelievably deserving parents who chose adoption and have been waiting over a year for God’s answer. This little man is so blessed to call my friends his mommy and daddy. Baby J is a miracle because his birth mom chose life and God chose my friends to raise him in a home that will be bathed with love and filled with His presence. This couple follows Jesus like few people I know. I’m overjoyed for this perfect answer to many months of prayer!

David Elliot Taylor – David was born early Wednesday morning to some of our dearest friends, Eric and Melanie Taylor. We’ve been praying over six years that she might be able to have a biological child. They adopted Wesley almost two years ago and were in the midst of adopting another child when . . . surprise! The Lord had much bigger plans. A little miracle was growing in her womb. Melanie was a high-risk pregnancy for many reasons. She was placed on bed rest at 23 wks due to early contractions and other concerns. God intervened again. She delivered David naturally at 38 wks!! He is healthy. Mommy is doing fine and God receives all the glory from this little man’s life.

To add to this news, another incredibly precious friend told me last week she is expecting a little one in August. We’ve been praying two years for the Lord to bless her with a baby. So far a beautiful pregnancy. God is good!

Oh Father, thank you for miracles! They help us see your hand in such tangible ways. They strengthen our trust in your plans. They point straight to the throne and shout to a lost world “to God be the glory!”

Here are a few attempts at including lil’ A in the photo shoot. She rarely stands still unless sleeping or watching a video. (Notice her crawling away in the picture above.)


1 comment:

  1. Yay for babies! We have loved seeing baby Ruthie, and Mackenzie does not understand why Ruthie will not play on the floor with her!