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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Evidence of a Good Man

All Alexa wanted this afternoon was for Daddy to hold her (or as she says, “Daddy, hold you”). Chris was in the midst of preparing case studies for grad school. He’s been consumed by studying the past several weeks – going to work early, working through lunches, and staying up until at least midnight every night to study. It’s been a challenging semester with a full-time job, graduate classes, weekly ministry commitments . . . and yes, he’s a husband and father (a very good one at that). He told me the other day he didn’t feel like he was doing anything well. I would beg to differ. You have a daughter who lights up the minute you walk in the door. You have a wife who deeply respects you – your drive, your determination, your ability to balance a very full plate. You have a reputation for dependability and integrity in the workplace, and I know of a friend overseas who is greatly encouraged by your weekly Skype sessions. No one would ever know any of this because you don’t talk about yourself and you don’t complain. I think this picture says it all . . . 100% hubby, 100% daddy, 100% servant leader, 100% man . . . just a sleepy one.

1 comment:

  1. oh how these words of life and truth bless your are a delight Kelsey!