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Saturday, January 22, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things . . .

I received several comments about Alexa’s hat from previous posts so I wanted to share who made it as well another item I receive several comments on and use everyday. Ah yes . . . handmade delights! Especially wonderful when you know the hands from which they were made. I wanted to share two of my favorite “Alexa” items – her hats & “half”ghan. Both made by two very dear (and incredibly talented) friends of mine – Kelly Westerman & Melanie Taylor. If your are interested in checking out more of their creations, I’ve included their links at the bottom of this post.

Here’s a close up of one of the precious hats my friend, Kelly Westerman, made for Alexa. One in cream and one in brown with coordinating flowers to match. The little pearl button allows the flower to be changed according to Alexa’s wardrobe – brilliant!! Great for a walk on a cool day. The perfect accessory to keep her warm and adorable. Can I have one too?

I had to share this pic. This is what happens on a walk if Alexa moves around too much (especially with the friction from the hoodie on her coat) – the hat gets lower & lower and the flower migrates to the back. Especially as we try to adjust it without her noticing. It’s not worth turning it around if she’s happy. Despite the sag, Alexa doesn’t seem to mind as she sneaks a peek at a dog running around at a local park.

This is what my friend, Melanie, calls a “half”ghan. It is an 18” square afghan. It’s the perfect size for tucking Alexa into her carseat or stroller without having lots of blanket dragging or dropping. It’s the perfect weight for the carseat as you run in and out of chilly weather but don’t want to overheat her in the car. It’s just right. And when it’s super chilly, it’s a great layering piece. It would also make the perfect comfort blanket for the crib or wherever a little one takes their blankie. Alexa LOVES to play peek-a-boo with her halfghan in the carseat.

Alexa’s all cozy and tucked up ready to go to BSF.

If you’re interested in the hat, check out:
--Kelly plans to open an Etsy shop this fall featuring her hats, bags & slippers.

If you’re interested in the “half”ghan, check out:
--Melanie also makes note cards.

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