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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mommy & Me

This post may seem a bit narcissistic (but I suppose the whole notion of a blog sort of is anyway). However, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share a few recent pics of me with my lil’ sweet pea. As most of you know, the “Mommy” is generally the one behind the camera so I treasure pics that capture Alexa snuggled up to me – especially as each stage with her is fleeting (I realize some day I may not be as popular as I am right now – wink, wink). She just melts my heart with her contagious lil’ smile and bright eyes. Chris has been home a bit more since he hasn’t started back to grad school (starts tomorrow – sniff, sniff), so he was the one responsible for photographing some sweet moments of me with my daily dose of sunshine.

IMG_0353Karen (Ama) this is for you as you requested a pic of Alexa in her little sweater dress.

IMG_0320There is nothing more precious than holding a clean little baby next to you. Her skin’s so soft. She’s so cuddly and she smells so sweet. I love the way Alexa smells right after a bath. . . indescribable! Here we are enjoying some snuggle time while looking in the mirror.
IMG_0324Daddy caught us laughing at ourselves in the mirror. I’m glad he didn’t take a pic of my funny faces. Don’t you love that I still have my apron on!?

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