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Monday, January 17, 2011

Hooray – I’m 10-months-old!!

On Thursday, January 13th we celebrated Alexa’s 10-month-old milestone (and seven poopy diapers – whew!). I recently heard a pastor say, “We are governed by time – and we’re either wasting it or investing it.” It’s so true and I find it to be most evident in how quickly the months have come & gone as we try to seize, soak up, and celebrate every moment of our precious daughter’s life. Have I mentioned what a gift she is? We can’t make time stand still but we can cherish every second. We sure don’t want to miss out on these fleeting days due to our hectic schedules, to-do lists, or self-indulgences. Our desire is that Alexa knows just how very much she means to us by investing in her with our time, our love, and hopefully, our consistency in training her in the way she should go. Lots of prayer too. 

Alexa’s latest antics  . . . - Alexa loves to clap. We’ll sing, “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands,” and she’ll clap and squeal with delight. She truly projects joy.
- She can say both “Mama” and “Dada” and really mean it! I’ll never forget the day she 1st said my name – Tuesday, Dec. 21st. Talk about melting my heart!!
- When she drops something (which is often because she does likes to drop things purposefully these days), she’ll say “Eh” to mimic us when we say “Uh-Oh.”  
- She loves playing with her tongue. What a fascinating (and portable) discovery!
- She has quite the fake cough. She’ll fake cough and we’ll tell her what a bad cough she has. She’ll continue to do it over & over for laughs & attention. No doubt, we’ve got a little drama queen on her hands . . . she comes by it honestly though.
- She’s constantly on the move – be it crawling or cruising. I think we’ll have a little walker on our hands before too long.
- Alexa continues to be a champion sleeper – 2 naps a day and 12-13 hrs at night. We credit the humidifier, a small fan, 4 pacifiers, and her favorite night light (and a VERY healthy dose of God’s grace).
- She still isn’t much for solid foods but we keep trying and manage to sneak in oatmeal every once in a while. We’ve introduced a sippee cup but she only likes to gnaw on it. She makes a face when she tastes the water.
- Still no teeth and I’m still a very grateful Mommy who nurses her 4x a day.
- She loves, loves, loves the outdoors. If Mommy can brave the cold, we’re outside. Alexa’s much tougher than her Mommy.
- Her favorite toys – her magnetic alphabet & her pink monster that lights up when she shakes it.
- Her favorite books – “Ten Little Ladybugs” & “Baby’s First Bible.”

A day in Alexa’s life this month . . .
IMG_0305She loves putting her magnetic letters into the “doghouse” which sings a catchy phonetic tune for the appropriate letter.

IMG_0308Working hard to get the “G” to fit.

IMG_0336Playing one of her favorite games “Peek-a-boo!”

Getting an up close look at the washing machine which fascinates her. She’s quite the helper with every load of laundry. She pulls out the clothes for me be it the washing machine or dryer. She loves to push the buttons too.

She enjoyed the echo her voice made inside the drum.

IMG_0299Alexa at her favorite local haunt – under the kitchen table.

IMG_0217Couldn’t pass up this adorable pic of both Aunt Kelly & Alexa Hope.

IMG_0080This one’s pretty darn adorable too – Ama & Alexa giggling.

IMG_0222Crawling between the piano & piano bench at Ama & Opa’s.

IMG_0223And then through the legs for a little challenge.

IMG_0358Caught in the act – Alexa often digs in Mommy’s purse for buried treasure. In fact, she’ll dig into anything if she can pull something out. This particular day, she’s unwrapping all of Mommy’s gum.

IMG_0289Another delightfully warm day at the park. She’s always working that tongue!

IMG_0235Taking in a good read at Ama & Opa’s. I just love how she is sitting – so grown up.

IMG_0164I love sweet potatoes – yeah right, not a very convincing look!

IMG_0297I have to end with this. If a picture’s worth a thousand words . . . what do you think this one says?

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