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Friday, January 14, 2011

HAPPY 2011!!

IMG_0267The cousins – Kylie & Connor Hammack, Alexa Kennedy, and Rylen & Layton Moore

I’m sad to say that I didn’t take any photos of our annual New Year’s Eve celebration with long-time friends, the Kilgores. This is the first year we didn’t take a huge group shot – so I can’t pass along any pics of our New Year’s Eve get-together including Mom’s traditional carmels & Janice’s decadent sugar cookies. What a shame as we’ve been celebrating with the Kilgore family ever since I can remember. We’ll get a photo in 2012. 

What isn’t a shame is that we had the privilege of spending some very special time with my cousin’s family (the Hammacks) on New Year’s Day. My mom & dad as well as my sister’s family were all there too. It was a wonderful afternoon catching up with family, laughing, eating lots of “invisible” delicacies (courtesy of the kiddos), and watching Rod & Robin balance life with a 5-year-old who was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Trust me . . . it’s an education watching them in action.

Connor is a trooper and so laid back about the monitoring of his blood sugar. Thanks to his pump, Pistol Pete (an OSU themed pump), his mom and dad can keep an eye on his blood sugar without having to watch his every move. It’s truly amazing what technology can do – you would’ve never known Connor even had a pump. He was running around like a little crazy guy – full of life, energy, and lots of adorable personality. He is definitely evidence of God’s answered prayers. And, Rod and Robin are amazing. They are so educated on his numbers and what needs to happen to keep him going strong.
It was a blessing to spend this time with them as all of our lives are so busy. It was a gift to see all of our kiddos playing together as Rod, Holly and I did years ago. It was a beautiful commencement to 2011.

IMG_0268I love this sweet pic of Alexa checking out her cuz. I think Connor’s doing the same :)

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