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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Who is seven-months-old . . .?

Alexa Hope :) These truly are the sweetest days. I just came in from putting our little sweet pea to bed. She was trying so hard to stay awake but she finally caved and nestled her head next to me while I rocked her. These are the moments I cherish – just watching her sleep peacefully in my arms while I sing and pray over her. I am so grateful for her life and the joy she has brought to ours.
It’s so hard to believe Alexa has passed the half a year mark and is even a month beyond (Mommy missed an update). I know it’s cliché but time really has flown by! Without further ado, here’s a list of the latest landmarks in Alexa’s life. There have been quite a few the last two months . . . She’s been a busy girl.
Stats at her 6 months check up . . .
Weight: 13 lbs 14 oz (11%) 
Length:  25 1/2” (39%)
Head Cir: 16” (6%)

Alexa’s latest “skeels” . . .
--Pulling up & standing
--Eating AND enjoying solid foods (including pears, prunes, sweet potatoes & squash)
--Sitting in her highchair
--Jabbering (including “Dada” and other nondescript phrases)
--Sitting up unassisted
--No teeth (and the nursing Mommy is so thankful) :) 

Lil’ bits of Alexa’s personality . . .
--Flapping her arms & legs in excitement when someone holds her (She looks like she’s running in the air)
--Sleeping with three pacifiers. She loves to play with her paci’s until she goes to sleep and she generally wakes up with a different one in her mouth.
--Throwing the paci’s out of her crib. She likes to keep Mommy & Daddy guessing where they are hiding.
--Jabbering when she looks at a book by herself – like she is reading.
--She loves to knock over towers, open & close books, go for walks, untie shoelaces, rip up paper, bang toys together & play with her shapes.
--Blowing bubbles – anytime, anywhere
--Crying at the sight of the doorstop. We don’t know why but she is afraid of it and the sound it makes.
--Her first bouts of separation anxiety :(

Yep . . . our little girl is officially mobile. We have lowered her crib to the lowest setting and the coffee table is surrounded by sofa pillows. The outlets are covered with safety caps and the floor is vacuumed often. It’s been exciting to watch Alexa figure out how to crawl & pull up. She figured both out shortly after our CO trip right around 6 1/2 months. She has had two hard bonks crawling with some accompanying bruises (Mommy cried harder than Alexa). But all in all, it has been incident free.

IMG_5902This how Alexa greets us after her naps and in the morning (normally with tears), but this was a happy day.

IMG_5934 Alexa geared and ready to get Mommy!

IMG_5949Alexa loves her new toy which allows her to pull up and stand.

IMG_5953 Another view of our little monkey. She loves sticking out her tongue.

IMG_5907 Eating is fun – hooray for puree!! Such a happy girl :)

Just enjoying my high chair toys until Mommy gets me some grub.

IMG_5930 I LOVE untying shoelaces!! Man, Mommy sure has a big foot!

IMG_5940 Sitting up to enjoy a tasty flashlight.
IMG_5943 Bye for now . . . I’ve got more growing to do! Love you!!

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