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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A day in the life . . .

I thought you might enjoy a look at what a typical day looks like with our very active seven-month-old.
 IMG_5969The morning usually starts with a diaper change. There are ALWAYS several diapers to change in a day. Here, Alexa shows off a VERY impressive diaper. As pictured, we try to maximize the use of every one.

IMG_5993 After her morning feeding and reading a book or two, Alexa crawls to her “toy box” and begins making her first selections. She can pull up all by herself and dig in.

IMG_5995 It looks like it will be shapes.

Another favorite toy are stacking cups. Alexa loves to hit them together, stack them, and knock them over – again and again and again. 

IMG_5962 Here she is anticipating the crashing sound as she knocks them over. Notice the purple cup mid-air.

IMG_5996 Alexa keeps going back to the toy box to discover another colorful toy. Her attention span is about a minute or two per activity . . . unless it’s a book :)

IMG_5999When she’s tired of playing, she chews on the toys. YUM!

IMG_5959 Once Alexa looses interest in her toys, it’s off to exploring the rest of the house. She is just getting used to crawling on the stained cement. She wasn’t so sure about putting her knees down on it at first but she loved seeing her reflection.

IMG_5974 Her new trick is pulling back the rug. Oh there are all sorts of goodies underneath!

IMG_5976 Just looking for dust bunnies Mommy!

IMG_5978  She even attempts to lift the rug in our dining room. It’s heavy!!

IMG_5979 Mommy gets Alexa with her toes. She LOVES feet!!
After a nap, Alexa usually plays with her lion while Mommy gets ready in the bathroom.

IMG_5988 Here’s a better shot to show you how well she stands and drools :)
IMG_5985Sometimes, Alexa makes it into the bathroom. It’s definitely motivation to keep the floor cleaned.

IMG_5991 After another nap if the weather’s lovely, we’ll go outside. Maybe we’ll go to a park or . . .

IMG_5881 we’ll go for a walk.

IMG_5874 And sometimes, Alexa literally “sits up” in her bouncy chair to watch an educational DVD. Here she’s enjoying Baby Einstein’s “Beethoven’s Symphony.”

IMG_6000 After a long, hard day of playing & exploring, the living room floor looks like this! Whew . . . what a day!

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