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Monday, October 11, 2010

Alexa meets Great Grandma Rachel

IMG_5843 Great Grandma Rachel with her 1st great-granddaughter, Alexa Hope, and grandson, Christopher.
At the beginning of September, Mommy, Daddy & Alexa headed to the mountains of southwestern Colorado to visit a very special lady, Great Grandma Rachel. It was Rachel’s first time to meet Alexa in-person, and I’m pretty sure Alexa didn’t disappoint. Mommy made the week eventful by getting sick upon the arrival. However, Alexa stole the show and Grandma Rachel managed to spoil us all rotten. Chris and I even managed to celebrate our 5th “proposal-versary” (He proposed to me in Buck Meadow just outside of Rachel’s log home on September 10th five years ago). It was a very special time and we’re so thankful we had the chance to spend some unhurried time with Grandma Rachel in the beauty and serenity that is Colorado. In typical blog fashion– here are the pics!
IMG_5846 Alexa’s a bit distressed by the magnitude of her hairbow.
IMG_5786 Grandma Rachel & Alexa enjoying some time in Montrose. She loves keys – especially keys to a Jeep!
Alexa’s first outing to Ouray . . .
IMG_5801 Enjoying a beautiful day of eating, shopping & walking in Ouray – just wait until she’s old enough for the hot springs!!
IMG_5803 Alexa’s “stylin” in her new umbrella stroller. It made traveling much easier.
IMG_5800 It wouldn’t be a trip to Ouray without eating at the Bon Ton. Alexa will get to try the amazing food next year. We just needed proof she was there :)
IMG_5808 We got the giggles – must be the altitude.
Special times with Daddy . . .
IMG_5828 Since Daddy’s often busy with work and grad school – Alexa got some extra special time with her Daddy. She loved every minute of it! Good thing Daddy has hair :)
IMG_5831 Enjoying the view off Grandma’s front deck. That’s national forest to the right.
IMG_5769  A wake-up cuddle in the warm Colorado sun.
IMG_5780Alexa enjoyed the scenery so much on one of our walks that she couldn’t keep her eyes open.
IMG_5779It wouldn’t be a trip to CO without some quality reading time.
Enjoying the view . . .
IMG_5838 Trying out the Baby Bjorn on the walk to Grandma’s. We’re standing on the bridge at the canal with the majestic San Juan Mountains in the distance. It was a beautiful sunset.
IMG_5835 The Eyrie – the sign that means we’re getting close to the log home! Just a few more huffs and puffs and we’ll be there!
IMG_5766 We were a bit late in capturing this full rainbow over the ridge. It was actually a full double rainbow and it was brilliant. What a beautiful promise from the Lord!
IMG_5818 Alexa wasn’t sure what to think of the fountain.
And we ate . . .
IMG_5776 Enjoying breakfast on the deck – tasty breakfast burritos!! It’s worth it to go to Colorado just so you can eat some of Rachel’s delicious home cooking. It doesn’t get any better than this!! The view is just a bonus ;)
IMG_5773 Alexa posing in her booster seat. A glass full of Grandma Rachel’s spoons kept her preoccupied at mealtimes indoors. Look at that Olathe sweet corn . . . yum!!
Hanging with Tom . . .
IMG_5812Alexa got to meet a very special new friend, Tom. He looks after Rachel and Rachel looks after him. He’s one of the family :) We truly enjoyed our evenings with him when he came to visit.
IMG_5815  Tom teaching Alexa to play the piano with her toes – now that’s a skill!
More attempts at crawling . . .
Okay – so I don’t think she moved through that entire series of photos but isn’t she cute!
Homeward bound . . .
IMG_5847Grabbing a catnap at the Denver International Airport.
IMG_5850  Our little baby doll :)

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