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Friday, October 8, 2010

Old Friends & Neighbors

I am dreadfully behind on our blog updates – my sincerest apologies (traveling, sickness, and a little sweet pea who boycotted napping for a spell slowed me down). God is also teaching me it’s better to get things done than trying to do things perfectly. So this is an advance warning . . . there will be many new blog updates coming your way. However . . . they won’t be perfect :) Thanks for bearing with this “Type A” Mommy.
At the end of August, I had the privilege of meeting up with three of my dearest friends. We grew up together in church and school from the nursery right up to graduation and three of us attended the same university. As I thought about it, we have traveled all over the US and even Europe together. And now, we’re all having little ones. Here’s the crew: Denise with Bailey & Laken (and a little one due in January), Mommy with Alexa, Debra with Nico & Sofia and Leigh Ann with Caleigh & Caleb. What an exciting (and eventful) get together it was. I’m so thankful God brought these sweet friends into my life. And I look forward to getting together with them again!
Bailey proudly holds her baby cousin, Sofia. It was very important that she sang “Jesus Loves Me” to her – so precious!!
Speaking of dear friends, we also had the opportunity to spend some time with our old neighbors and friends (the Greens & Rumburgs). The Greens moved to Choctaw almost 2 years ago. It was a sad day to see our special neighbors go . . . however, the exciting news is that they are currently in the process of purchasing a home in Norman (just about 10 minutes from us). We couldn’t be more excited to have our old neighbors back!!
The crew: Alexa, Cade, Cole & Cali Jo. (Many of you will recognize Cali’s name as many of you have prayed for her & her little heart. She is a miracle and evidence of many, many, many answered prayers!! She is almost two and full of life!
Mommy holding two little miracles – Cali Jo & Alexa Hope.

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