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Friday, October 29, 2010

A Visit to Mimi & Pop’s

This past week, we spent some extended time in Dallas visiting Mimi & Pop while Chris recruited National Merit Scholars in the Dallas metro. We had some special time together (and Mommy got to go shopping & paint a step stool too – hooray)!! Alexa loved exploring in Mimi & Pop’s house. She liked standing in front of the TV & fireplace, feeling the kitchen tile, laughing at her reflection in the mirror, climbing the stairs, listening to the “golden oldies,” and playing peek-a-boo with Pop & the butterfly. We are always thankful for family time and all the spoiling. Mommy can’t believe she didn’t take more pics.
IMG_6012Alexa’s trying out the “frog” high chair for the 1st time. It’s the same high chair my sis and I sat in growing up. The “frog” has supported many babies while they eat.
IMG_6011Alexa had to sit on a neck pillow as a booster seat. She’s playing with Mimi while she patiently waits for some pureed delight.
IMG_6018 Alexa got to spend a lot of quality time with her Pop while Mommy ran errands & Mimi worked. They would play and play and play until Alexa would just konk out. She loved all the playtime with her Pop-Pop – especially when he’d get her with the butterfly! We’ve never heard her laugh like that.

IMG_6021 Our sweet little angel.

IMG_6023 Mimi taught Alexa a new trick – tearing apart Kleenex. What a fun new activity!!

IMG_6024 Surveying the damage while the culprit crawls away :) Kleenex bits were all over her pajamas too! I wonder what will happen when she discovers toilet paper.

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