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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Keep smilin’ (plus a prayer request)

Well, I didn’t intend on including a prayer request with this post but you get one for free. :) I just received a call from MD Anderson letting me know our insurance has denied my stereotactic spine radiation. So, my surgeon, Dr. Brown, will be talking with the medical director of BCBS tomorrow to explain why this procedure is necessary and not experimental. If the insurance continues to deny treatment, then MDA will appeal my case, and my treatment could be delayed or cancelled altogether.

Of course, my stomach dropped when I heard the news. However, I did not despair (as I would’ve been more inclined to do over three months ago). You see, God has moved some pretty big mountains for me to get to where I am today. No, He hasn’t chosen to heal me miraculously but He has made a way for me to be healed through medicine & oodles of faith. He is so far above insurance claims. He is my mighty God! (I felt Him whispering that to me even as I speaking with the gal at MDA). I hung up and went to Him in prayer letting Him know I trust He knows what is best for me and my treatment. End result – peace.

Add to this, we are heading to Galveston this weekend prior to my treatment for a photo session before I lose my hair. And, I am also trying to schedule an MRI and a meeting with a dietician during my time at MDA. I know He knows all of this too. So . . . I’m soliciting all of my prayer warriors to go to our mighty God and wait in expectation for what He will do!

I will know what the insurance decides sometime tomorrow and will post an update. Love & appreciate all of you!!

“Jesus replied, ‘What is impossible with man is possible with God.’” Luke 18:27
**Oh yes, and in the meantime, I will keep the corners of my mouth on the upward swing. My parents paid waaaaaayyyyy too much for me not to show off my pearly whites. And goodness, we never know how our smile will impact another person’s life (or our own). I honestly believe my pain lessens when I am smiling or laughing, so I bought this little framed quotation as a reminder when I’d rather be a “grumpypants.” (My husband’s affectionate nickname for me when I’m less than bubbly). And yes, that nickname makes me smile too.


  1. Prayed for your insurance to come to their senses.. In my experience they usually do! With the right amount of "encouragement"! So pumped to see how your faith is already growing in the experience.

  2. We are definitely praying...more than ever, but I have to say that it really ticks me off that your insurance company denied the procedure! That is ridiculous...if your doctor says it is necessary, they shouldn't deny it. We are praying that your doctor can get through to them and that it is approved quickly and that there will be no delay. Your strength and positive attitude are beyond amazing. You are definitely an inspiration. :-)

  3. Praying friend!!!! God has done so much already like you said!

  4. Dearest Kelsey: You are truly amazing. What a believer you are. Such an inspiration to us all. Praying hard that the insurance will ok payment. We do also believe that God can truly move mountains. Believe me - there is a traffic jam of prayers on the highway to heaven for you today and always. Sharl and Doug Taylor

  5. praying and can't wait to read how God came through on all these details!

  6. We use 'grumpypants' in our house too :) Love it! Love you!