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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What a weekend!

We experienced an extended weekend full of fun including visits from two of my dearest friends (Denise Mills & Melanie Taylor), a trip to Orr Family Farms and time on OU’s campus (where we enjoyed a Sooner victory and beautiful Fall flora). I wish I could’ve captured all the excitement and especially my friends with their families. However, all I really managed to do was snap pics of Alexa. I have yet to master the art of photographing numerous little ones in action. It’s normally just a blur of activity and they all get deleted. If you enjoy pics of Lil’ A, this post is for you.


Alexa could barely wait for me to unclip her seatbelt to get out & go to the pumpkin patch.


Scoping out which pony she wanted to ride. Then, I found out it cost additional money to ride them. Needless to say, she scoped them out behind the fence.


Ever since her return from Great Wolf Lodge, Alexa is all about howling – even if it means howling next to this creepy stuffed coyote. Work those lungs, sweetie!

IMG_5932 (1)

There’s always time to stop at the playground before heading over to the Hay Mountain Super Slides. Goodness, those slides were fast. I wanna go again!!


I think she’s playing peek-a-boo. I honestly don’t know.

After selecting and rejecting numerous pumpkins (she inherited her mother’s inability to make decisions), Alexa decides on this perfect little beauty.

A sweet little pumpkin for my sweet Lil’ Pumpkin.

OU vs. KU


Awaiting kick-off at Oklahoma Memorial Stadium (a.k.a. Owen Field).

IMG_6043 (1)

Alexa was sooooooooo excited to see her cousins.


Practicing her pose (we hope) for the game this weekend against Notre Dame.


It’s not a trip to OU without a visit to watch the pendulum swing back and forth.


Alexa had never seen the fireworks go off after a Sooner touchdown. She was startled, and then, mesmerized. Thankfully, we got to see them explode several times.


A girl’s gotta stop & smell the mums. They are breathtaking on campus in the Fall.



That’s it for now folks. We’ll catch ya later!


  1. Love seeing pictures of your niece and nephew! They are little mini's of their parents!


  2. how fun! Alexa is getting so big, she's so adorable!