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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Howlin’ Fun at Great Wolf Lodge


Last Thursday, we headed to Dallas for Fall Break, OU/TX football and a very big celebration for our two-and-a-half-year-old. Yep - you guessed it. Lil’ A filled her #2 sticker chart to earn two days at Great Wolf Lodge. Trust me, we were howlin’ too!


It’s a thing of beauty . . . isn’t it!? I can’t imagine what I’ll do with A’s first report card.


Rylen & Layton celebrated Alexa’s success that evening by chanting, “Great Wolf Looooooodddggee! Great Wolf Looooooodddggee!”

Here’s a look at our celebration. We’ve been home three days now, and Alexa is still wearing her Great Wolf Lodge wristband. She didn’t have to wear it in the park but insisted on wearing it when she realized we were going home. We continue playing “pretend” Great Wolf Lodge, and Alexa is trying to convince me when she gets a little bit older, she can go back. Yep – I think we will.


Pressed up against the windows overlooking the water park, just itching to get in.

Being Alexa’s 3rd trip to GWL, she knows the ins & outs. There’s the kiddie pool!


Alexa patiently colored while I checked in. A brilliant idea for all resorts – just saying.




I still can’t believe a lifeguard didn’t make Chris stop doing this. Alexa loves a thrill!


I believe Chris called this “waterskiing.” He spins Alexa around & around. I call it “a guaranteed bet for motion sickness.” Just watching them made me nauseated.


By pulling the rope, Alexa would soak Daddy. What a fun game! I want a turn.


Wanna play catch? Nice throw, sweetie! Luckily, the camera lens stayed dry.


One full sticker chart + One trip to Great Wolf Lodge = One delighted Lil’ A

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