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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Waiting (patiently) for Chamblin


I recently returned from visiting my college BFF, Brooke, and her family in St. Louis. She will be 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow and has been on permanent bed rest since 24 weeks. She is expecting her second son, Chamblin Spencer, at the beginning of December. However, he may have other plans. Brooke suffered placental abruption with her first son, Whitman. The docs didn’t expect this would happen again. In fact, the percentages are very low for repeat abruptions. At 24 weeks, my dear friend started bleeding and contracting. The doc’s orders – strict bed rest. At 30 weeks, the bleeding and contractions started again, and this time, they landed her in the hospital for good. The docs believe Brooke is “chronically abrupting” and the situation must be constantly monitored.

I had the privilege of visiting Brooke during this season of letting go, waiting and praying for baby Chamblin to stay put as long as possible. Brooke will be 32 weeks tomorrow. This is a huge developmental milestone for Chamblin. My most recent update from Brooke this evening is that she is contracting again. Her platelets are low as well as her amniotic fluid. If the contractions continue, they will take Chamblin. Would you join us in praying God will keep this lil’ man tucked safely inside Brooke until 36 weeks? Our hearts cry is to wait patiently for his arrival but it is also for the health of Brooke and Chamblin. We know God has a divine plan in mind for Chamblin and His timing is best. He is already a fighter and so is his mama. Please pray with us!

In light of my visit, I also had the privilege of spending a lot of quality time with Brooke’s son, Whitman. He’s a month older than Alexa, and he’s a charmer. We enjoyed several visits to the hospital to see Mommy, playing with trains, throwing balls and cuddling on the sofa. Whitman has definitely been a trooper. He misses his mama but he does so well adjusting to every situation he’s been placed. We thank God for his resilience and that melt-your-heart smile. Here are some pics of this blue-eyed sweetie as we played outside on a beautiful fall day.




  1. Thanks for posting this! I'll be praying for Brooke and her baby boy.

  2. I will pray too Kelsey! Will you post an update at some point, even if it's not for another month?

  3. Yes, I will :) She is doing well right now and we are so thankful. One week at a time.