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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What a difference a year makes

We have officially started jogging again. Nothing like baring your legs in shorts to get you motivated. It was approximately the same time last year when we busted out the jogger stroller for faster-paced strolls in the park. I wanted to capture a pic of Alexa this year and compare with last year’s first jogger stroller outing.


There are some obvious differences – longer hair, longer legs (even when she had them kicked out in the top photo), less baby fat, bigger bows, more teeth & no paci. And let’s face it, twenty minutes is her max in a stroller. She prefers to push strollers rather than ride in them. However, the biggest difference this Mama sees is a little personality (and perhaps attitude). Lil’ A now carries a purse, loves to wear her bling shades & accessorize with stickers. She has an opinion about everything these days from what bib she should wear to how she wants her hair. We refuse to raise a diva although it looks as if Alexa missed that memo. We are praying God will continue to give us the consistency and wisdom to take that strong will and shape it into a heart stubborn for God’s glory. I wonder what another 12 months will hold for our “not-so-Lil’ A.” We’ll let you know.
Here’s a better pic to show how much longer she is.

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