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Friday, May 18, 2012

More with Mimi & Pop

A week ago today, Alexa and I were eating breakfast when she told me, “We going to Mimi and Pop’s today . . . in Dallas.” I said, “Yes.” Without hesitation, she tilted her head and looked straight at me with those charming brown eyes and said with great confidence, “Mimi and Pop love me.” Yep, even two-year-olds get it. That was pretty much the theme of the weekend – Alexa bathed in “Mimi & Pop love” (defined as undivided attention, time and play). As you’ll notice, Mommy and Daddy aren’t in these pics. We pretty much don’t exist when Mimi & Pop are around.

Alexa can’t wait to see the ducklings at Mimi & Pop’s neighborhood pond.

Checking out (rather pulling off) a leaf on the walk to see the ducklings.

Alexa refused to look at the camera as she watched the ducklings approach.

Here comes some of the family. There were 13 ducklings in all and they were hungry!

It was kind of sweet to celebrate Mother’s Day weekend with another mama.

Alexa didn’t know what to think of the ducklings snapping at Pop to get bread.

Mom & Dad’s neighbor walked by with his dog, Lucy. Alexa loves dogs. (And no, we aren’t getting her one.) Here she is preparing for airport security checkpoints.

Giving Lucy a love pat. She was much more confident with Lucy than the ducklings.

Mimi with her Mother’s Day gift. It says, “Become a possibilitarian” and that is the essence of my mom. She always says with absolute conviction, “Life is full of possibilities.” Hmmmmm . . . maybe I should take that gift back. I’m the skeptic.

It’s a shame Alexa is sooooo happy in this picture. She made handprint heart cards for the special mommies in our lives. This one’s upside-down as is Alexa’s smile.

We framed Alexa’s handprints for Mimi and Ama. (I made one for me too.) I thought I deserved it for convincing her to make the handprints – candy bribery works.

Great-grandmothers and aunts received a card. I wrote Proverbs 31:30 around the heart as well as a Mother’s Day message from Alexa, her age, and the date. I wish I could take credit for the card but my sis sent me this Valentine’s Day card idea from the blog - Since I already had an idea for Valentine’s Day cards, I used it for a Mother’s Day card.

Alexa enjoyed a bit of Sunday post-nap entertainment courtesy of Pop and Striper.

Pop built this wooden racetrack for me and my sister when we were little. Racing cars was one of my favorite activities on Saturdays. Pop can’t believe it’s still getting used every time the grandkids visit. Alexa is selecting the perfect car from the tub.

This is a pretty poor representation of the matchbox cars I had growing up. My very best cars are still tucked away in a closet waiting to be revealed when Alexa can really appreciate them. We’ll let her scuff these up for the time being.

What a fun weekend in Dallas. We love you Mimi & Pop!

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