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Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday pick-me-up


Being a Mommy is hands-down the greatest blessing I’ve ever experienced! I’m so grateful God granted me the humbling and undeserved privilege of being a Mommy. I’m grateful I had two wonderful grandmothers to look up to and a mother & mother-in-law with whom I deeply respect and admire. I pray God will enable me to live out the same godly characteristics these women flesh out with grace, joy, gentleness, perseverance, wisdom and a deep, abiding faith. As I spoke with Chris’ Gram K this weekend, she said, “Mother’s Day is everyday.” I agree wholeheartedly. Every moment with Alexa Hope, even the challenging ones, is a precious gift. I’m thankful for these moments, and I’m thankful for you, Mom!
More Mother’s Day weekend to come . . .
Gram K reminds me often that raising children happens quickly and there are no re-runs. So, I’m going to stop for now. I just want to soak in the sweet goodness of motherhood.

1 comment:

  1. and what a beautiful soaker-upper of motherhood you are! love you Kelsey!