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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Five more to go!

Chris completed his final spring graduate class last Thursday. We were excited to celebrate another ending to the eight week class schedule he’s been enrolled in since the fall of ‘09. That means Alexa hasn’t known what’s it’s like for Daddy not to be in school. In fact, if you ask her where Daddy is when he’s gone she’ll either say, “He’s at work, or he’s at class.”
Chris starts another class today which will begin eight more weeks of summer school (two night classes/week). Once he completes his two summer classes, he’ll have three more left to graduate this fall. Just five more classes to go! Yippee!!
And just so you know . . . he’s a straight “A” student. Not bad for a full-time employee, husband and daddy. My man has completed 38 credit hours/18 classes to get this far, and I’m incredibly proud of him. Only three of these classes have been during the workday. (Thus, I’m incredibly proud of Mommy.) Ha!!
The credit hour requirement for an MBA at OU is a whopping 47 credit hours (practically insane)! I graduated from OU with an MA in Journalism, and the program required 32 credit hours with a thesis. I guess OU wants to ensure its MBA students mean “business'” – yes, the pun was intended. 

Finish strong honey!! We will celebrate every “eight week” step of the way. Thank you for balancing life so well without a critical or grumbling spirit. Like my parents always comment, you wouldn’t know Chris has been in school the last three years because he doesn’t talk about it, complain about it or let it overwhelm his life. He just does it well and for God’s glory. Yep – that’s my man!!

1 comment:

  1. Well done to all THREE of you!!!! I'm sure it's seemed like a long haul, but the end IS in sight and we're joining you in being very thankful for that!!