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Sunday, May 22, 2011

So . . . how do I look?

When we were in Dallas for Mother’s Day weekend, my sis, dad and I were able to do a bit of shopping at a local outlet mall. Let me rephrase – Hol and I shopped while dad held our bags and people-watched. He grew up with three women so he’s quite accustomed to this tradition and we love him for it!

I found several items for Alexa but only managed to find two new tops and two scarves for me. Alexa loves Mommy’s new pink scarf (mainly for covering her head and playing peek-a-boo). I tried showing her the many ways she could don the scarf and she chose this “loose” interpretation. She’s already a little fashionista. Notice she opted for the “no pants” look as well. Let’s hope that doesn’t start a trend. Here are a few more pics of her “working the scarf.”

IMG_1297Just a sashay down the catwalk . . . I mean hallway.

IMG_1299Stylin’ with her “Alexa” sippy. I mean, look at that nonchalant pose.

IMG_1301With such a high sense of style, it seems she’s even become a bit pretentious about her taste in drinks. Apparently, this water isn’t quite to her standard of refreshment.

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