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Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day!!

The girls – Holly & Rylen Moore, Alexa Kennedy with Mimi & Kels.

The Kennedy crew enjoyed a lovely (but always too fast) weekend in Dallas celebrating Mother’s Day with my parents and sister’s family. I have to say I think I have the best mom in the world and my respect, admiration, and love only deepen for her as I learn the ropes (and humility) of motherhood. Mom is and has always been a great servant for our family, and she serves with such joy and enthusiasm. My mom really has a zest for life. I wish the energy and enthusiasm would rub off on me (perhaps I need more caffeine). I’m a worrier by nature – a gene passed down to me from my Nonie (my maternal grandmother). My mom never seems to let much worry her or her outlook on life. Everything is big in my mom’s life – including her God and her walk with Him. Perhaps, that’s the aspect of my mom I hope most to emulate as we raise our little sweet pea. I so admire my mom’s total dependence on the Lord and her eagerness to share that with anyone who might listen. Thank you for investing in my life mom! Even to this day, you continue investing in your daughters and their families. I am grateful for your godly example, your joy, your wisdom, your humor, your service and your belief in me. I love you mom!! Happy Mother’s Day!!

Alexa loved feeling the wind against her face while she enjoyed the red geraniums.

Donning rainbow pajamas and a shimmery apron. Alexa loved playing with her cousin, Rylen. They were sorting oranges in this pic.

I learned my lesson . . . get a pic with my daughter in the morning BEFORE church, BEFORE lunch, and BEFORE naptime. Alexa was done with pics. Maybe next year!

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