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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tickled Pink to be in Dallas

About three weeks ago, Alexa and I traveled to Dallas, TX, to visit Mimi and Pop while Daddy was in New Orleans for a conference. I realize it’s late but I just couldn’t resist sharing some of the cute photos from our time with them.

IMG_1015One thing we discovered on this trip is Alexa LOVES dirt. She loves to dig, and much to her Mommy’s chagrin, she doesn’t care very much about getting dirty. Here she is trying to climb into the flower bed.

IMG_1023She enjoyed taking out the mulch and placing it on the pavers.

IMG_1044She enjoyed removing the dirt from the flower pots. My parents are probably upset I’m sharing pics of dead flowers. They did plant new flowers after we left! You have to remember, it was mid-March when we visited.

Here she is removing more dirt. Maybe she’ll be our lil’ gardener.

IMG_1064The other ironic thing about this visit was that Alexa DID NOT want to take a bath. She would literally cry in fear and cling to me as we got close to the bathtub. We think she might have been afraid of the inflatable duck bathtub. No matter, on the third day of our visit, we HAD to bathe our little girl who smelled of wilderness and had dirt under her fingernails to prove it. She was quite the happy baby once she got all clean.

IMG_1065Working her tongue with Mimi.

IMG_1066Mimi’s getting into it. Alexa loves it!

IMG_1068Such an adorable pic.

IMG_1052Alexa’s taking a closer look at her Pop.

IMG_1056Eating Cheerios and looking at the birds outside.

IMG_1059Pop had to save the day when our ball fell into a drainage hole. Thank you Pop!

IMG_1036Alexa loved walking everywhere with her walker but when she knew it was time to go inside, she made a getaway the fastest way she knew how – crawling.

IMG_1070Enjoying a warm spring day with her walker.

IMG_1072Alexa and Pop taking a stroll in the neighborhood.

Thanks again, Mimi & Pop, for letting us barge into your lives for a few days. We had a great time and hope to visit again very soon.

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