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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring has sprung!

IMG_1149A close-up of the violet dianthus blooms in our front flower bed. They smell glorious!

The redbuds are blooming. The temperatures are rising. The days are getting longer, and the wind is howling. It doesn’t take a meteorologist to tell us spring has arrived in Oklahoma. Despite being windblown and removing occasional dirt particles from our teeth, the Kennedy family (particularly Alexa) eagerly embraces the commencement of warmer weather. Springtime around here simply means more time outside and Daddy has to water the lawn . . . thank you Daddy!

Here’s what we’ve been up to the last couple of days . . .

IMG_1128Watch out! We busted out the jogger stroller given to us by one of my mom’s coworkers. It rides like a dream! We went on our first walk/jog today. Mommy is so out of shape, but Alexa loved it. Daddy joined in the fun although the pace was pretty slow for him.

IMG_1118Alexa waving and walking to Mommy at the FBC playground. I think this is the first photo I’ve captured of Alexa actually walking. She’s definitely on the move these days.

IMG_1123Alexa playing in the shade with Caleb King (the son of life-long friend, Leigh Ann King, who drove over from Cyril, OK, and joined us for a playdate).

IMG_1125Caleigh King, Alexa & Caleb King posing outside the park. No they aren’t in prison. Don’t know why I tried to get a pic of the three of them actually looking at camera!

IMG_1133The budding leaves on our lil’ maple tree out front.

IMG_1136It’s really fun to see how the leaves bud. Alexa and I look at them everyday.

IMG_1141The beautiful dianthus - we hope to plant more flowers & another tree today.
We hope you too are enjoying the newness of life this spring. Don’t get blown away!

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