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Friday, April 1, 2011

12 1/2 months & still smiling . . .

Oddly enough, we didn’t have a one-year-old check up for Alexa rather a one year, fifteen days doc’s appt. That’s why this update is later than I would have preferred but I don’t schedule her appointments. So, I wanted to fill you in on the latest antics and adventures in our little girl’s life. First of all – she’s still little. Here are her stats . . .
Weight – 18lbs 1oz (8%)
Length – 29.5” (65%)
Head Circumference – 16.75” (2%)
I’ve been told she takes after her Mommy & Daddy – long and lean. I was a little sad when they weighed her as I was hoping she’d reach the 20 lb. mark and we could purchase a forward facing car seat. If you know Alexa, she’s been alert since she entered this world, so facing backward in a reclined position isn’t her idea of fun (not fun for Mommy either). I guess we’ll start sneaking supplements into her milk & we’ll be at 20 lbs. in no time – just kidding!! Seriously though, we’re so thankful for a healthy report from our little bundle of sunshine. Indeed, her smile can light up a room. 

IMG_0677I just love this little argyle dress. I had to capture her in it before it’s too warm.

IMG_0713Sitting in my niece, Rylen’s, chair. She wasn’t so sure about the princess papasan.

UPDATES IN THE WORLD O’ ALEXA So what has happened in the last month and a half, you ask? A lot!!

--Alexa turned one on Sunday, March 13th.
--Alexa has a total of two teeth! Her first tooth made its appearance on her bottom gum Feb. 20th.
--Alexa calls almost all foods “nana” for banana and almost every person “Dada” – even animals, so I don’t take it too personally. She can say “Mama” if she wants.
--She makes a very cute spinning action with her hands to simulate the ceiling fan.
--She started walking five days after her 1st birthday – March 18th. She’s greatly improved on her balancing & stepping skills. She’s more courageous every day.
--She’s getting quite adept at feeding herself – her fave foods at the time include bananas, skinned grapes (I know, I’m a paranoid new mom), oranges, string cheese, whole wheat toast, muffins, bagels & yogurt bites. She’s not a fan of real yogurt or any veggie. We’ll keep trying!
--She’s also getting the hang of her sippy cup. We’ve introduced her to whole milk and she seems to enjoy it. The key – my sister’s family got her a sippy cup with her name on it. We sing a song I made up spelling her name to the tune of “B-I-N-G-O.” It keeps her fascinated with the cup as she points to each letter in her name as we sing. She says “A . . . A . . . A” until we sing the song.
--She can sign “please” & “more” – although she prefers the more demanding approach of pointing and saying “ahhhh.”
--She LOVES the outside so much. She loves crawling on any surface be it stiff, dead grass or concrete. It doesn’t matter. Dirt fascinates her and she doesn’t mind 30 mph winds. Mommy’s going to be in for lots of “wilderness” smell in the days to come.
--When we go for our “routine” walk, she loves to stop at these little twig trees to touch the twine that keeps them staked into the ground. It’s an obsession of hers.
--She loves to see animals on our walks – especially dogs. And no, we aren’t going to get one!
--I continue to be amazed at her grasp of vocabulary. She truly gets so much of what we’re saying. I love watching her “get it.” What a thrill to observe her learning.
--Alexa enjoyed some extended time with her Ama & Opa who visited from CA for her 1st birthday. We also drove to Dallas to spend some time with Mimi & Pop while Daddy was in New Orleans for a conference.

IMG_0749I was putting away several of Alexa’s clothes for storage and Alexa wanted in the storage tub. She could’ve stayed inside there for hours. She was absolutely delighted.

IMG_0756Growling like a lion.

IMG_0747This is so much fun – where’s this tub been hiding?

IMG_0758Now it’s peek-a-boo time!

IMG_0760A perspective shot of just how big the tub was.

IMG_0761Can I stay in here just a little bit longer . . . pleeeaaase!!

IMG_0740She loves removing her bow. Look at that face of satisfaction. I got it Mommy!

IMG_0772Posing with our sweet friend, Esta, a Ph.D. student from Baghdad, Iraq.

IMG_0104Alexa’s not so convinced she needs all the layers for a walk with Ama.

IMG_0131She didn’t care a bit that the grass was scratchy. Her hands & arms were all red from this day outside. She was not thrilled about going back inside.

IMG_0843I’m stretching to reach the branches.

IMG_0189I made up a song for the book, “Snuggle Puppy” by Sandra Boynton. Here Alexa is following along with my mad melody. . . “Ooohhhh Snuggle Puppy of Mine. Everything about you is especially fine.”

IMG_0786Checking out the twine & twig at the park. Never knew twine could be so fascinating.

IMG_1075 One special thing about having family living far away is Alexa gets to open lots of packages. Here she is opening a box of birthday gifts from her Aunt Kelly & Uncle John who live near Washington D.C. These were her first crayons.

IMG_1079She’s not for sure what to do with those colorful crayons so she tastes the pink crayon – just to make sure it’s alright.

IMG_1080Now she’s getting the hang of it. Hope she loves to draw like Mommy.

IMG_1084Perhaps her favorite gift was the tiger snack cups. They haven’t been used much for snacks as Alexa enjoys putting items in them & taking the lids off and on. Thanks for the all the spoiling Aunt Kelly & Uncle John!

IMG_1100Alexa thinks it’s fun to ride her scooter backwards (borrowed from the Greens). She also enjoys walking with it backwards. She’s such a silly girl.
Well, thanks for allowing me to gush over our little sweet pea. We think she’s pretty great! I have more pics from our time in Dallas but I’ll save those for another blog. And I do hope to update more frequently this coming month.

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  1. she is just the cutest! love the pics in the storage tub!!