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Friday, April 15, 2011

Good Morning my little thirteen-month-old!

After a fever kept my little girl lethargic and quite sad yesterday, she woke up this morning much more perky with an impressive display of bedhead. (Seriously, what am I supposed to do with that?!) Her hair and that grin are most definitely indications she was feeling better and her fever had broken. Thank you, Lord, for your watch care over sweet Alexa!
On Wednesday, April 13th, Alexa Hope celebrated her thirteenth month birthday. It was a special day because on April 12, 2009 we lost our first baby to a miscarriage. I’m so grateful the Lord allowed Alexa to be born on the 13th, so whenever I see that date and remember the miscarriage, the following day is a reminder of “Our Hope Fulfilled.” What a gracious gift the Father gave us and we didn’t even know it at the time. And although it was not fun to watch Alexa struggling with a fever and not feeling herself yesterday, I counted it the greatest privilege to hold her most of the day, sing to her, pray over her, and rock her to sleep as she drifted in and out of naps. There is nothing more precious than watching a baby sleep – especially when that little one is someone you’ve prayed and waited a long time for. It seemed fitting the Lord would give me the opportunity to simply hold our precious daughter and reflect on His undeserved goodness and continued faithfulness in our lives. As I was singing to her, an occasional tear would fall from my eye and Alexa would look at me wondering what was going on. I just told her Mommy has tears of joy but she’s also very sad you aren’t feeling well. She’d normally just fall right back asleep.

Here’s the lyrics to one of the songs I sing to Alexa (Wonderful, Merciful Savior).
It gets me every time . . .

Wonderful, Merciful Savior
Precious Redeemer and F
Who would have thought that a lamb could
Rescue the souls of men, Oh You rescue the souls of men.

Almighty, Infinite Father
Faithfully loving Your own.
Here in our weakness You find us,
Falling before Your throne, Oh we're falling before Your throne.

You are the One that we praise.
You are the One we adore.
You give the healing and grace our
Hearts always hunger for, Oh our hearts always hunger for.

Counselor, Comforter, Keeper
Spirit we long to embrace.
You offer hope when our hearts have
Hopelessly lost the way, Oh we hopelessly lost the way.

Indeed, the Holy Spirit was our Counselor, Comforter & Keeper the day we lost our first child. The good news is that He didn’t leave us there in that place of loss, “He DID offer us hope when our hearts had hopelessly lost the way.” For that, my heart sings a song of in expressible gratitude for thirteen privileged and joy-filled months with Alexa Hope.

IMG_1171I want to sing too Mommy!

I don’t think much has happened developmentally since my 12 1/2 month update. However, Alexa is . . .
- Walking around like crazy. She “toddle-jogs” now. A recipe for lots of bonking.
- Drinking whole milk from a sippy cup – not much & not often – but it’s a start.
- Enjoying cottage cheese, graham crackers and macaroni & cheese (that’s my girl)!!
- Teething again. I spotted a top tooth peeking through on April 18th.
- Quacking like a duck. It’s her newest novelty.
- Enjoying the outdoors. If I don’t think she’ll get blown over, we’re outside.

It wouldn’t be an update without some pics. Here you go!
IMG_1154Alexa was having a blast on her cousin, Rylen’s, shoulders. They are definitely fast friends when Rylen comes to play. Alexa was not only enjoying the view but she was also enjoying pulling Rylen’s hair. Only a 13-mos-old can get away with such inacceptable social behavior.

IMG_1158I will probably get in trouble for posting this but you needed to see how painful the hair-pulling incident was. Alexa is such a silly goose. I hope Rylen’s hair has grown back.

IMG_1032I love this pic of Alexa watching Pop throw a ball off the side of the house in Dallas.

IMG_1062Such a sweet pic of “playing buddies” – Pop & Alexa Hope.

IMG_1166Reading Eric Carle’s “1, 2, 3” book. She likes looking at books upside down, should I be worried?

IMG_1173Playing with her pink monster from Ama & Opa. When you shake it, it lights up and the little pokey things stretch out. Daddy is stretching it out in this picture.

IMG_1182”Oh Mama! That flash is way too bright this early in the morning!”


  1. Hi Kels,

    Whenever I don't hear Wesley I wonder what in the world he has done because he is quite a talker, not really quiet very much at all, and usually I find him reading his books - upside down, or he's standing on them.