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Friday, June 27, 2014

Strength for the day

Kelsey is going to have another thoracentesis today (the procedure where they drain the fluid from under her lungs). It will be a decision made at the time they do the procedure as to which lung they will actually drain (can't do both at the same time due to the potential risks of collapsing lungs). I plan to post again (it may be very brief) after her procedure.

Some prayer requests for today:

--Wisdom and guidance for the interventional radiologist. To know which lung would provide greater benefit for her when drained. For a complication-free procedure.

-- Pray that Kelsey will not have the same coughing and nausea that she did last time, so that this procedure will be able to drain the maximum amount of liquid possible for her maximum benefit.

-- Pray for quick healing from the incision.

-- We continue to pray for small steps of progress. In regard to appetite, eating, pain, nausea and rest.

-- Pray for Alexa. Pray she continues to be excited to come see her mommy. Pray she sleeps well and does well in an environment which is familiar (she is staying with her Uncle Mark and Aunt Holly), but which is not home. Pray this time will be instrumental in her salvation story.

-- Pray for ongoing wisdom for the doctors and for us - wisdom for this day and wisdom for the next steps.

-- Pray for rest - especially for Eddy and Marilyn (Kelsey's folks). Pray that we can all be an encouragement to Kelsey. And please pray that we will have moment by moment strength which can only be attributed to God.


  1. Praying specifically today, right now and throughout the day.

  2. Praying right now for each thing you've asked. God hears us when we cry and cry out to Him. When I pray, I FEEL the Holy Spirit as I know I am praying along side so many. I think of Kelsey daily, her struggles and pain, and I hope knowing that I carry this burden with you both brings hope to your hearts! Amy Cruz, Jenks

  3. Thinking of and praying for you constantly.

  4. Praying constantly for God's will to be done...praying for healing..praying for you Chris and both families that God would send His peace that passes all understanding...for comfort and that Gods love would surround you.
    Love you all...Tammie Mouser

  5. Continued Prayers for strength ~ comfort ~ & God's mercy for you all ~ (((HUGS))) & LoVe from McAlester