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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Breathing a little easier

Kelsey made it courageously and successfully through another procedure. She had 1.2 liters of fluid drained from under her left lung. There was apparently still a bit more that they did not take out because she was in quite a bit of pain and started coughing since the procedure is done sitting up. However, the vast majority is out. Thank you all for your prayers. We actually did end up meeting with Dr. Keefer, Kelsey's oncologist here at Mercy this morning - he actually came in to help out with rounds this morning. He suggested just doing a standard thoracentesis (a procedure to remove fluids from her lungs). As he looked at the CT, he determined there really was not much fluid underneath her right lung, just under her left. The procedure was very quick - probably 15-20 minutes. You sit in somewhat of an awkward position for them to do the procedure and Kelsey ended up coughing and having some dry heaves, so they didn't get quite all of the fluid, but certainly a very significant portion.

She is still in quite a bit of pain and fairly nauseated, but she does seem to be breathing much easier with more of her lung function available to her. Please continue to pray - we are so thankful for your prayers to this point, God continues to do amazing things!

Here are some specifics:

-- Appetite. She is still fairly nauseated and eating doesn't sound too exciting. Food will certainly help her recover and get her strength back, but that is pretty much the last thing she wants to do.

-- A speedy recovery. The plan is for her to be here at least for one more night.

-- Continued good rest, increased comfort, reduction of nausea and pain.

-- A fighting spirit for Kelsey. With her pain, nausea and difficulty breathing, she has been pretty discouraged over the past few days. Our prayer is that after this recovery, she will be ready to get back in the fight.

-- God to receive glory in all of this.

-- Complete and total healing and belief in God. I love this excerpt from a small devotional, Comfort for Troubled Christians, by J.C. Brumfield - speaking about Paul in the midst of the storm on the ocean when it seemed that all hope was lost.
"When we get to the place of 'no hope' God just begins to work. ... Paul said, 'I believe God.' ... He did not believe the experts, he did not believe the soldiers, he did not believe the dictates of common sense - He believed God. Sometimes the 'experts' are wrong, sometimes soldiers make mistakes, and sometimes faith does not seem to act in accordance with common sense, but God never fails. ... Maybe you are in a similar place. A storm rages, clouds are dark, threatening thunder rolls, enemies oppose, and circumstances overwhelm you. Advisers cry, 'no hope,' but above the confusion God speaks, 'When thou passest through the waters I will be with thee ... they shall not overflow thee' (Isaiah 43:2). You have a choice to stand on the promise of His Word or to believe circumstances. God has a promise for every trial, test, need, temptation, and circumstance of life. Faith chooses to believe God."
 We thank God for His promises and continue to cling to His power and say, "I do believe, help my unbelief!"


  1. Praying for you kelsey and your family. Your faith is wonderful i know that kind of faith is only from GOD. I am praying for you and asking GOD to lay HIS Hands on you for healing of your body and rest for you to have total healing. Our GOD is Awesome HE loves you Kelsey. Thank you Chris for keeping us updated.

  2. WE are praying.
    Johnny & Leda McNabb

  3. ChrIs your faith is such an encouragement. Praying God's strength for you as you face each new decision. Praying praying for Kelsey may she begin to eat and begin to get her strength back.. God is faithful .

  4. Kelsey, I am praying for your recovery. May God bless and comfort you and your family and give you the strength you need to fight this battle!

  5. Thanks for updating your prayer warriors. You are not alone. He is in control. I am praying for God to touch Kelsey in a special way today. Love you, Nancy Streeter