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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Resting and waiting

Our day today looked a bit different than planned. Got up this morning and the day started off with the normal routine - Kelsey was able to get some rest and we were able to do one of her treatments before the nurse from home healthcare arrived. We had heard in advance Susan is a very special gal, a fact which was certainly verified when we met her in person. Kelsey was apprehensive about getting fluid, because when the drip is too fast, it can make her lungs feel heavy and increase her nausea, so she was thinking she wanted to forgo getting fluid through IV today. After Susan spent some time talking with Kelsey, evaluating her health and hearing more about what was going on, she encouraged us to think about going to the hospital so that Kelsey could work to get her nausea under control and have an opportunity to get the fluid drained off her lungs.

So, we headed off to the ER at Mercy Hospital. We got checked in and Kelsey got several different medicines through her IV to help out with the nausea and pain. She had a CT scan to make sure she is not dealing with an abscess. From what we heard, it sounds like there is a good amount of fluid on both sides of her lungs, so we will be meeting with the oncologist on call at Mercy tomorrow morning to talk through the different options for draining the fluid. It also sounds like the cancer in her lungs has advanced since her last CT scan in March.

We continue to covet your prayers and we appreciate them more than you know. Here are some specifics:

-- Pray Kelsey can get some good rest tonight.

-- Pray our meeting with the oncologist on call will be beneficial tomorrow, and we will have wisdom to know the best route to pursue to get the fluid off her lungs.

-- Pray Kelsey will have a renewed appetite after the fluid is drained off her lungs. Pray her body will quickly be in a position to recover from infection and be receptive to treatment.

-- Pray for continued endurance for Kelsey.

-- Pray against constipation and against fear. Being in the hospital, we have dropped a lot of the treatments which Kelsey has been doing, which is concerning to her

-- Pray for complete and total healing.


  1. My family is praying for Kelsey. Love and peace to yours.

  2. Sending Prayers ~ LoVe ~ (((HUGS))) for you all ~ Always... McAlester

  3. Praying for you and your family. Know only too well how hard this is for you all.

  4. We are praying for Jelsey and all of you.
    Johnny & Leda McNabb