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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh yeah . . . I’m seventeen-months-old!!

Three days ago, our little Miss Alexa turned a whopping 17-mos-old. We’re sorry for the delay in posts. We returned from Walt Disney World a week ago, had visitors last week, and have simply been getting life back in order. A Disney post is in the works. But in the meantime, here’s a glimpse of Alexa’s last month.

Alexa telling a big story at the Classic 50’s Diner in Hollywood Studios.

Over the past month, Alexa has been quite a busy bee . . .
-- She spent a week in Colorado with her Mommy, Daddy, Opa, Ama & Gram K.
-- She spent a week in Walt Disney World with Mommy’s extended family. She was a rock star (with the exception of a few meltdowns, but goodness, Mommy had some too). She truly exceeded our expectations and she did love Disney! 
-- She hung out with David, our friend who is back from time in West Asia.
-- She cut her 5th and 6th tooth (one on the bottom and her 1st molar on the top)
-- When you ask “How big is Alexa?” She’ll answer – “So big!” with her arms up.
-- She can say her name – “Lexa” and has picked up many other words & phrases.
-- She learned to sip out of a big girl straw (thanks to Daddy’s frozen lemonade).
-- She’s become an even bigger talker – telling us whoppers in “Alexa-speak.”
-- She has become quite adept at using Crayons and she loves to “coaler.”
-- She drew with chalk for the 1st time & enjoyed getting messy as much as chalking.
-- She asks to “pop” every day – popping bubbles, that is.
-- She has discovered what happens when she goes #2 in her diaper . . . she says “poopy diapee.” We might be potty training soon.
-- She can sing (with assistance) “Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes” while pointing to the appropriate parts of her body. It’s a hoot to watch.

Here’s a glimpse from the past four weeks . . .

Alexa’s ready to take on the world in Daddy’s shoes – too bad she can’t see it.

We’re trying to discourage Alexa from a career in modeling unmentionables. However, she thinks Daddy’s underwear is pretty fashionable.

Working on her chalk art. I love that look of concentration – such a serious artist.

Such a happy girl after her three hour nap. She likes to jump in her crib now too.

Here are some precious moments from Disney World – more to come!!
Mimi and Alexa getting ready for the flight to Orlando and the magical world of Disney.

Taking a snooze on Mimi during the flight.

Our first day at the Magic Kingdom (Cinderella’s Castle in background).

Mesmerized by one of the many fountains at Epcot. This was her favorite.

Finding Nemo – literally - in the aquariums at Epcot (see Nemo on far right).

Being a “ham” with her napkin at the Corel Reef restaurant in Epcot.

Swimming with Ry-Ry, Lay-Lay & Daddy at the resort. Alexa loves big pools now.

Practicing a bit of drama with Pop and Mommy before enjoying “Finding Nemo – The Musical.”  Alexa loved the show so much and kept saying “Neno, Neno.”

Alexa taking a break from the stroller with her cousins.

Alexa loved playing with her stroller fan (a must for humid days at Disney). Unfortunately, it only kept her cool for two days before it broke. Oh well!

Telling a big story at Wolfgang Puck’s in Downtown Disney. Alexa was such a trooper at all the places we dined – even when many meals took close to two hours.

Since Alexa had never really seen any of the Disney characters it was funny watching her meet them for the first time. Here are some high and some low points . . .

High points with Disney Characters . . .

Enjoying a snuggle with Mickey Mouse at Chef Mickey’s. She loved getting his nose and she was saying “Mickey” the second day we were there. After all, this mouse is ubiquitous at Disney World.

Giving Tigger a high five – whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!!

Alexa thought Winnie the Pooh was pretty great. She liked his nose too.

Low points with Disney Characters . . .

Apparently, Alexa likes her Mommy more than Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Alexa does not want any more pics with “Marlin” – Nemo’s daddy in “Finding Nemo, The Musical.” We were able to meet the characters backstage after the performance because my mom had a connection.

And when it was all said and done - she slept . . .
Alexa in dreamland on the first leg of our flight home.

Conked out in the car on the drive home from Dallas . . . what a vacation!

And . . . just for kicks!

You gotta love a gal who can stare down the professional Disney photographer who took this pic for us. Opa . . . I think he was wearing your hat!

More magical moments to come!!

1 comment:

  1. what a fun trip for you guys! she is so adorable! the pics of her upset with the princesses are classic- isn't that how it seems to work? so glad you had a wonderful trip!