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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Seriously . . . a fleece jacket!?

Again, I must apologize about the delay in the Disney World post. The greatest reason is that I’ve immersed myself in the writings of Charlotte Bronte - Jane Eyre – to be exact. Her writing is brilliant!! Anyway, when Alexa is finally in bed for her night’s slumber, instead of posting, I’ve been escaping to Thornfield Hall and enjoying the dynamics between Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester. Such an intelligent novel!!
All of that to say, the “magical world of Disney” post is coming . . . for those of you who have been wondering. There are only 890 pictures to swim through!!

However, back to this post. So, the past two days, Alexa has insisted on wearing this 6-12 mos fleece jacket. (I know – I desperately need to go through her winter/spring clothes and put them in storage – another hopeful summer project). She discovered the jacket when I was fishing a toy out of her closet and she hasn’t wanted to part with it since. She’s says “tackit, tackit!” Oh the delight in her eyes when she puts it on.
Keep in mind, the heat in Oklahoma has been record-breaking. The first day she wore it accompanied with shorts alone. Yesterday, she wanted to accessorize her sundress. Here are some pics of Alexa sporting her fleece after her nap (don’t you love that post-nap hair)?
I love the look Alexa is giving me. It’s saying, “Yeah, I know it’s hot inside and out, but you gotta admit, I make this look GOOD.” Just look how short the sleeves are!

Another thing we are working on is teaching Alexa to sit on her bottom in chairs. She is obeying – halfway. Notice she is squatting/sitting on the 1st lumbar support of the recliner.

Ahhh – now we have landing. Perhaps it was more ladylike to squat on the 1st lumbar support. Hmmmmm . . .

Yesterday evening, Alexa (mind you, still wearing the jacket) wanted to go “out.” Chris tried and tried to coerce her into removing the “tackit” with no avail – only sadness on Alexa’s part. So he decided to take Alexa to the backyard to play. It was, after all, 103 degrees and Chris was afraid DHS would take her away if they saw her in the front yard wearing the jacket. Luckily, I captured this image without the fleece. It took lots of distraction. It was so sticky inside, I literally had to peel it off of her arms.

A darling pic of Alexa climbing up the slide with her sippy and Daddy in tote. I guess she still needed some form of comfort so the sippy cup had to do. We’ll see if she “needs” the jacket today. I may resort to hiding it. I suppose it is a catalyst for me to work on storing those clothes.

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