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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Welcome Ama & Opa!

In preparation for Alexa’s 1st birthday (March 13th), Ama & Opa (Chris’ parents) flew from California to spend a week with their little granddaughter. What fun waiting in anticipation to see Ama & Opa’s faces as they greeted the little one for whom they prayed faithfully. They’ve been here since Tuesday and we have all enjoyed their presence thoroughly – especially Alexa. She loves her Ama & Opa!! Alexa is still trying to figure out the crazy antics of her grandfather, but she certainly has fun watching him juggle. Not only have they been a tremendous help watching Alexa while Mommy and Daddy project around the house – but they have also been a great blessing to us as they eagerly volunteer for projects themselves like cooking, cleaning, mowing, etc . . . Ummmm, can you move your return flight to early June!?

Seriously, I know some folks who find it hard to be around their in-laws but I am blessed indeed!! They aren’t crazy (as we all know some in-laws are). They love the Lord. They accept me and they think Alexa’s pretty great too! It’s a sweet time to be together and we look forward to when my parents and my sister’s family arrive so we can really get this party started. God has been so good to us. It’s undeserved and we are so grateful for His goodness. Better stop for now as I’m occupying Ama & Opa’s guest room/office. Here are a few more pics of their time in Soonerland thus far.
Enjoying a walk on a lovely spring day!

Ama & Alexa reading a story before bed.

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