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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Alexa’s Stepstool on St. Patrick’s Day

Alexa tracing her name on her very own stepstool – hooray!!

Okay, so I know most of you are eagerly awaiting a “Happy 1st Birthday” blog . . . me too! I’m sorry it isn’t up yet (we’ve been busy and tired “1st birthday” parents). However, we’ve almost edited all of the images and hope to have the birthday blog up by this weekend along with the slideshow we shared at her party.
In the meantime and in honor of St. Patrick’s Day (and one of my fave colors), I decided today was the perfect excuse to share Alexa’s stepstool with you. After 32 painted stepstools over the past five years, I finally had the privilege of painting a stepstool for my daughter. What a “overwhelming” privilege – as you know I wanted it to be perfect!

It’s always hard to capture the true color of a step stool on camera but Alexa’s step stool is the color of her nursery – black, white and avocado green. If you know me, these are some of my favorite colors. The step stool should’ve been finished by the beginning of March; however, I didn’t like the finished product so Chris ended up sanding off the top design and I started over from the primer up. Crazy right!? Yes, I’ll probably never do that again!! Although it was stressful getting it finished in time for her party, I am pleased with the finished product and I pray Alexa will love it and use it for many years to come. I’m not too worried if she gets it scratched – I know the gal who painted it! And scratches (after all) mean the stool has been loved.
Here are a few more pics of the stool and our little one-year-old. She’s a hoot, if you haven’t already heard. Just take a look at these pics and you can see we just might have our hands full in the years to come. She’s our little Miss Personality!

IMG_0983Her famous “squinch” (part squint, part scrunch). If you notice – she’s standing up!! She just won’t take a step by herself yet . . . she’s close though!

IMG_0985Don’t ask me . . . I have no idea what she’s doing.

IMG_0987Maybe she’s trying to get away so I don’t pinch her since her green sweater is off.



Standing at the front door watching a furniture delivery across the street.

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