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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Alexa takes her first steps!!

“One small step for Alexa Hope . . . One giant leap into the world of discovery and independence!”
We would like to interrupt the promised birthday blog to bring you some exciting late breaking news. Alexa took her first “big girl” steps yesterday (Friday, March 18th) at my sister’s home . . . just five days after her 1st birthday celebration. We’re sorry the grandparents missed out. I guess she decided that one-year-olds should walk, so she finally decided to give it a try. Of course, she’s wobbly and the steps are little, but it’s a start. It was such a thrilling experience! Now, if we could just convince her that a sippy cup isn’t that bad!
I suppose our world will change, once again, with a little walker on our hands. And, I guess I should double-check everything in the house to prevent as many falls as I can. I know the bruises and tears are bound to come as Alexa learns the ropes of vertical mobility.
Unfortunately, we didn’t have our video camera with us, but we were able to use the video feature on our camera. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did! And, I promise, the birthday blog is in progress!

-- I did want to thank my sis, Hol, for teaching us how to hold Alexa when she stands up and is establishing her balance. You barely hold the child around or just below the hips. Holly basically said that when you do this, the child controls everything above your hands and you control everything below your hands. That is, until you let go! It’s very beneficial to have a physical therapist in the family! Thanks again sis!!
Alexa walking for the first time - she clearly wanted to show off for her cousins!
Alexa showing off the skill she has been hiding from us!
More fun - walking back and forth from Aunt Holly to Mama.

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