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Monday, February 28, 2011

Whitman’s Step Stool

IMG_0634Whitman’s Daddy is a big Ol’ Miss alum and football fan, so the colors and theme reflect the spirit of the Rebels.

Okay, so I told you in a previous blog I’d be working on Alexa’s step stool next but I was wrong. I decided I’d finish Whitman Gibson’s first. He’s the son of my best friend from college, Brooke Hutson-Gibson. Whit celebrated his 1st birthday on February 9th. I had been working on Whit’s stool since Thanksgiving and had planned on having it ready to ship in time for his big event.

It’s a long story but let’s just say that a resanded, repainted & refinished top, 5 types of sealer with 7 coats of sealer, and it was finally ready to ship. I’ve never had difficulty sealing a stool before but I guess because of the frigid temps, the sealer didn’t respond to the paint and I had to redo the top (even when it had warmed up considerably outside). I was devastated as I had worked so hard to complete it on time and then I was distraught thinking that my many hours of painting had gone to waste. However, with a bit of sandpaper, more coats of paint, and lots of prayer, the top was good as new and sturdier than ever! It arrived a few days after Whit’s birthday celebration, but I don’t think he seemed to mind.

Alexa’s making sure the stool is sturdy for Whit. I think she’s beginning to wonder if she’ll ever get one to call her own.

Yep, Mom . . . the finish feels good and it’s ready to ship. I can say I know the finish is strong as Alexa drooled a bit on it (sorry Whitman)! It wiped right off. It’s great to have Alexa as my director of quality control. Little things like this are good to know for future use!

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