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Sunday, February 6, 2011

. . . but Baby it’s cold outside!

Alexa experienced her first true snowfall on Friday, Feb. 4th when large beautiful snowflakes fell from the sky all morning and into the late afternoon. It was a glorious, picturesque snowfall. The kind that can mesmerize you all day long . . . just beautiful. I kept looking out the window and smiling at just how lovely it was. I love watching snow blanket the earth – it’s so peaceful, so pure, so quiet. I secretly wanted it to snow all day long – and it almost did. What a gift from the Father.

Anyway, enough about my thoughts on snow. Since the weather was much warmer on Friday than it had been all week, we took Alexa out for a few moments to enjoy the snow. (If you look closely, we didn’t even put shoes on her as we knew we wouldn’t expose her to the elements very long . . . just enough to get some snow on her tongue). Here’s a few pics from Alexa’s experience in “the white.”

Alexa kept trying to grab the large snowflakes on Daddy’s shirt. Where do they keep going?

Oh . . . I found some inside his shirt!

She liked the icicles too.

She’s trying to grab an icicle & we have to have a pic with her tongue! Yummy snow!!

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