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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My 1st Valentine’s Day!

”We love because He first loved us!” 1 John 4:19


Alexa showing off her “My 1st Valentine’s Day” bib courtesy of cousins – Ryan, Camille & Josiah. It wasn’t clean for long!

We had a special 1st Valentine’s Day with our littlest sweetheart. We didn’t do much as Alexa’s a bit under the weather but we did enjoy some sweet family time and were thankful for such a beautiful day o’ luv! Here’s a little recap of our Valentine’s Day weekend.
Daddy’s girls decked out in red and all ready for church. Alexa enjoyed her Valentine’s Day card so much from Uncle Mark, Aunt Holly, Rylen & Layton, we took it to church with us. She couldn’t resist the mirror inside.

Alexa showing off her heart fleece from Sharon Rigby. So pretty in pink.

IMG_0640Chris got me a cookie cake – indeed, the way to my heart. As you can see, I’m a hot “Momma.” Chris told me he had to spell out several things on the cake including – “HVD” & “Kels” but he didn’t think he needed to spell “Mama.” Apparently, he did. I don’t care. I like being a “hot Momma” – no matter how it’s spelled. And, it’s actually more icing anyway!

Alexa didn’t care about the misspelling. She wanted the icing – that’s my girl!

Alexa enjoying her card from Mimi & Pop. It was a fuzzy bunny.

She was fascinated more with the red envelope than the cute pink elephant card from Ama & Opa.

Thank you for all the love & spoiling you sent our way. We love you too!

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