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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our active little eight-month-old

Alexa’s holding on tight to her favorite man, Daddy. She loves to ride on his shoulders – a sure way to get a smile.She especially loves to tug on his thick locks.
On Nov. 13th, we celebrated Alexa’s eight month birthday. I suppose I’ll keep repeating this, but the time truly does fly by! Alexa is indeed our active “little” girl. (Hard to believe . . . we know)!! She weighs just over 15 pounds and mainly wears six-month-old clothing. She is quite active – even in her sleep. We have been addressing the sleep issue – and hopefully – we’ll be able to report at 9-mos-old she is our active (but sleeps when she’s supposed to) little girl. Regardless, our precious “hope fulfilled” continues to bring us immeasurable joy and blessings.

What’s happened over the last month . . .
--Waving “hi” and “goodbye”
--Giving sweet (and slobbery) kisses followed by a hug
--Responding to “No Ma’am” when she isn’t supposed to touch something  . . . we praise her obedience but we’ll see how long that lasts :)
--Sitting in her 1st shopping cart & restaurant highchair (hooray for highchair covers and antibacterial wipes)
--Pulling up on anything (fridge, trash can, coffee table, chairs, our legs, doors, the wall, sofa, TV trays, highchair . . . if she can reach it, she’s going up). She is so curious about everything – perhaps a bit too curious. 
--Playing peek-a-boo
--Dumping things out – she loves to “empty” containers & boxes
--Banging & shaking things to make noise
--Tearing up Kleenex (it keeps her occupied when Mommy’s getting ready)
--Trying out more foods (peaches, bananas, carrots, apples & green beans)
--Items that fascinate Alexa – toothbrushes, the alarm clock, cell phones, remote controls, Nalgene bottles, magnets and her own reflection

Here’s why you really check the blog . . .
IMG_6056 Alexa showing off the adorable hat Kelly Westerman made for her.

IMG_6054Alexa helping Mommy cut & arrange the coupons. Don’t you love the clothes strewn everywhere  . . . now that’s real life!
IMG_6065 Showing off her bubble blowing skills while pulling Daddy’s hair.
IMG_6077 Evidence of Alexa’s 3 paci obsession. This is exactly what she looked like when I got her out of bed one morning. One in the mouth and one in each hand.

IMG_6114 Tearing the petals off the vinca on a lovely fall evening.

Eating sweet potatoes at Hideaway Pizza. Mommy doing the ol’ airplane trick.
IMG_6124 Is it time to go? I’m getting sleepy and this bow is heavy.
IMG_6135 Showing off my leggings from Ama. Thank you for keeping me warm.
IMG_6146 Who’s that pretty girl!?

Getting Daddy lovin’ :)
IMG_6156Checking out the pistachios I knocked on the floor. Can I have one?

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