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Friday, November 5, 2010

Go Buffs?

IMG_6037My sweet, yet slightly mischievous, Uncle Leon gave this cute lil’ tee to Alexa shortly after she was born. She is just beginning to fill it out (and just in time for football season – wink, wink). Of course, we think the saying on the shirt is adorable, “I still live with my parents.” The logo below the saying, however, is troublesome. It’s the University of Colorado logo bearing a buffalo and CU. Somehow, I don’t think my Uncle forgot the fact we lived in Norman and Chris works for OU.
I thought it’d be cute to adorn Alexa in her gold and black last Saturday when the Sooners played the Buffaloes. Chris questioned my sanity but I promised him we would change Alexa into crimson and cream before kick-off.

Uncle Leon, I have to admit it. She looks pretty darn cute in gold and black but we’ll have to reserve this outfit for non-game days from here on out. By the way, Chris said Alexa was holding up five fingers to predict the number of touchdowns by which OU would defeat CU (ironically, the final score was 43-10 . . . sorry Uncle Leon)!

Here are a few more pics of Alexa posing in gold . . .

IMG_6028 I’m so proud of my CU logo!!

IMG_6043 Daddy wanted to make sure Alexa remembered her roots . . . Go OU!!

IMG_6051 Alexa does a post-game victory dance with Daddy. He flipped her OU onesie over her head and celebrated Sooner style before bath time.
We love you Uncle Leon and thanks for the T-shirt.

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