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Monday, November 29, 2010

Look who’s 32 years old!!

I had the privilege of celebrating 32 years of life with my precious daughter and hubby on Sunday, Nov. 21st. It was a low-key weekend with beautiful weather and time with my family . . . we enjoyed a walk, playing at a local playground, going to the Taste of the Holidays at Sam’s (yum), and watching a movie at home. Chris bought me my fave – a icing-loaded cookie cake from The American Cookie Company. Yep – it was gone within a few days. I’m so thankful for the 32 years of life the Lord has given me, for my amazing hubby, my precious daughter, and my sweet family & friends who love me without condition. I truly am blessed beyond measure!
Alexa’s already learning that cookie cakes are a GOOD thing!! My sis says I’ll have to share this with her one day . . . we’ll see :) Thanks Chris – you definitely know the way to my heart (mad money & empty calories)!! I love you!!

1 comment:

  1. happy happy birthday beautiful friend! I'm sorry that i'm such a loser friend and forgot to call you on your special day. you are so good to always remember my birthday. Hope your day was wonderful!